Thursday, January 2, 2014

Zombie Water

C: What is the Acheron river?

M: Acheron had been a son of Helios and either Gaia or Demeter, who had been turned into the Underworld river bearing his name after he refreshed the Titans with drink during their contest with Zeus. 

C: I just want to know why it would be a bad thing to be on the river.

M: Well, it's like the Styx. Following Greek mythology, Charon ferries souls across the Acheron to Hell. Those who were neutral in life sit on the banks.

C: So it's zombie water

Farewell 2013

As has become the norm, I found some great printables on Pinterest to use as a review of the old year and goals to set for the new year. I can never choose just one so I used the questions from two different printables: Important Things About Me in the Year 2012 and 23 Fun Questions to Ask.

1. What is your happiest memory?
     K: Going with Randy to the UVU play
     C: Becoming a 4th grader
     L: Playing games with Grammy
     D: Captain Hook

2. Why do you like being your age?

     K: I can go on rides. I can go on big rides and still go on little kid rides
     C: because I am able to ride a bunch of rides like Boomerang, Wicked, Kong, Medusa and Roar.
     L: ??
     D: I eat

3. One word to describe you would be _______.

     K: Happy
     C: Monkey
     L: I love you
     D: toy

4. What advice would you give your parents?

     K: Be careful with using the word "need", because at some point you are going to wish you hadn't
     C: You should really give me legos. You should give me an allowance. 
     L: dunno

5. If you could be any animal, which one would you be and why?

     K: Cheetah, I could run to school. Or a hedgehog that can go really fast and soar over water
     C: a dwarf from Artemis Fowl because they are awesome! If their hands are completely dry they can stick to any surface. Their jaws unhinge. They eat fast, and tunnel well.
     L: peregrine falcon, they are fast fliers and I'd love to fly around
     D: kangaroo, so I can jump

6. What do you like to do for fun?

     K: Whatever comes to mind - read, watch TV, play
     C: Play with Legos,  
     L: Play with outside in the nice warm sun or with Legos
     D: Pick my nose

7. Tell about a funny time in your life.

     K: when Coby said "underwed" instead of "under red"
     C: I went on Kong, and because I hadn't been on a roller coaster in awhile I got the I gotta go pee feeling
     L: ??
     D: Burps

8. What is your favorite thing to do? Why?

     K: anything fun, it's fun
     C: Play with legos, 'cause I can make things I wouldn't be able to build in real life
     L: Play outside
     D: burp

9. What is your favorite thing to do with your friends?

     K: Play
     C: Talk
     L: Play hide and go seek
     D: play with toys

10. What do you love most about your sibling?

     K: C-his drawings, L-If you persuade him just enough, he'll stop, D-he is nice & careful with what he does. He considers it. 
     C:  K-he's funny, L-he's obvious, D-he's cute 
     L: K- I don't really like Kai, C- I dunno, D-He plays nice with me
     D: K-play magnaformers, C- he helps me brush my teeth, L- he plays games with me

11. What was the nicest thing you did for someone?

     K: Help Coby build a bunch of his legos
     C: I gave Kai a dollar
     L: I made DJ a gun
     D: play a game with Liam

12. What do you think you will be doing 10 years from now?

     K: be doing stuff at BYU, getting a teacher's degree
     C: a missionary
     L: Playing BYU
     D: playing with a timer

13. What would be the ideal allowance? Tell me how you would use it.

     K: $15/week. Save it up until I have $60 then get Legos
     C: $1 every Wednesday and Saturday, buy more legos
     L: 55 bucks, get my own legos
     D: $10/week, go in the fun center and drive the ice cream truck

14. What do you think makes a person good-looking?

     K: Dunno
     C: their face
     L: ??
     D: ??

15. Name two places we should go on vacation?

     K: Santa Monica beach and the Empire State Building
     C: Las Vegas and Napa
     L: the Mountains & South America
     D: Utah and Cayeetorneeya (California) and playgrounds

16. What is the grossest thing you can think of?

     K: Tostada Juice - it is a combination of everything then squeezed into juice
     C: a decomposing body
     L: Tostada Juice 
     D: Tostada Juice 

17.   Favorite color?

     K: Blue
     C: Green
     L: Blue
     D: Green

18.  Favorite movie?

     K: Star Wars
     C: Star Wars
     L: Cars or Frozen
     D: Care Bears

19. Favorite TV show?

     K: Ninjago, Sonic, Phineas & Ferb
     C: Ninjago, My Little Pony, Scooby Doo
     L: Jake and the Neverland Pirates, My Little Pony
     D: Mickey Mouse, Jakee, and My Little Pony

20. Favorite sport?

     K: IT tag
     C: Wall Ball
     L: baseball or freeze tag
     D: baseball

21. Best friend?

     K: Randy, Ethan, Kyler, Tyler, Kevin & Ryan
     C: Randy, Max Petersen, Tyler, Ethan
     L: Max Felt, Teagen, Teancum
     D: Asher, Max

22. Favorite school memory?

     K: Doing Hope of America
     C: Running the distance to Disneyland (participation in a school wide effort)
     L: Playing at recess

23. Least favorite school memory?

     K: Getting a hole in my pants
     C: when my friend Max left our school
     L: I love school

24. Three of my favorite foods:

     K: cranberries, pizza, "shrimp hot soup"
     C: your spinach ham & egg casserole, Daddy's beef stew, and shrimp 
     L: spaghetti, pasta, noodles
     D: roast beef, shrimp, pasta

25. My favorite things to play with are:

     K: legos, nerf guns
     C: legos, Kai, my friends and the game who, what, where
     L: the ball that DJ threw in the toilet or my imaginex rescue center
     D: trick mustard and ketchup

28. One of the best places I went to this year

     K: UVU play with Randy
     C: Six Flag discovery Kingdom 
     L: the snake ride place or scandia
     D: plaayground

29. This year I learned to 

     K: make rubber band bracelets
     C: mow the lawn
     L: use chopsticks at school
     D: play with bubbles

30.  Some of my favorite books are

     K: Septimus Heap series, Percy Jackson series, 
     C: Lego Ninjago Character Guide, Lego Ninjago Official Guide, House of Hades
     L: Jake and Cars
     D: Mickey mouse

31. Something that makes me really happy is

     K: playing
     C: being able to stay up late & read, drawing
     L: playing with my trick mustard and ketchup
     D: playing with toys

32. In 2014, I really want to 

     K: go places, like San Francisco, the Empire State building, or Scandia
     C: get more legos
     L: be an army man and play with my new toys, "daleks"
     D: play with a toy timer. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

How was school?

M: How was school today?
L: It was great
M: What did you learn today?
L: I don't know
M: Did you met anybody new?
L: I don't remember. Well, there was a boy named Teancum. I hope he doesn't drink tea.
M: With a name like that, that's unlikely

Hold up on finger - you have to go to the potty
hold up two fingers crossed - I really have to go to the bathroom

If you get a really high number, you can spin a wheel. Then you can get a movie or snacks.

At recess, I saw Kai. And I swung on the monkey bars then dropped down.
He has never gone across the monkey bars by himself before.

My job is to take care of the guinea pig. I don't even care that I have to clean up his poop
I'm learning Lah-un, I mean Latin. It's a dead language, that only those crazy people in that one country in Italy speaks.

I received a HERO card because I was the only one who stayed behind to clean up the lunch table
I learned the word scyphoscopic - photos with brown and white colors
My flash drive is going to be my life.
I got my birthday treat early from Ms. Perkins, my music teacher.
Ms. Larsen allows use to check out books from her library, and bring them home.

J: What did you today while your brothers were gone?
D: I played with Ele-fun, and chased the butterflies

He quietly played with his dinosaurs too.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Silly Boys - May 2013

While Jake was taking the temperature of our dinner,

L: 40 degrees is as fast as a kangaroo can jump.
    60 degrees is as fast as a man can run.

Grammy sent us this Super Grover Remote
He has a few sayings, that Liam has responses to:

G: Hello, this is your pal Super Grover.
L: You are not super.

G: A super hero never gives up!
L: Super heros don't fall down.

G: Press a number button.
L: No, you didn't say please.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hope of America

Kai, along with other students from Odyssey Charter School, had the opportunity to participate in the Hope of America program, the kick off for the Freedom Festival

Here's a video of the event. Kai is a Red Shirt, in the "flag" somewhere.