Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saying Saturday

During Sunday lunch, Coby commented that the chicken was juicy and flavorful. Kai noted that the skillet potatoes were fluffy.

Jake made mayo for Coby, who declared it "Taste-tastic!"

Jake took Coby to Preschool on Monday. When Jake got there, he asked Coby "Where does Mommy usually park? Just anywhere?" Coby said "Actually, she parks where there's not another car."

Friday, January 30, 2009

El Fin, Facebook, Family, & Foto Friday

The mail brought the end of my illustrious career as a Pampered Chef Consultant. HQ cancelled my Visa. Aaah! How am I to submit purchases on the behalf of my customers? Oh, silly me! I don't have any customers. C'est la vie!

A friend I haven't seen in awhile sent me a message through facebook, which I don't visit too often. I was surprised she found me, which got me thinking: Who can I find? I've made two discoveries so far. I need a clone to find the rest.

A portion of my family is coming this weekend: Lisa, Lauren, and David. It's gonna be a full house! The boys have been jumping with joy for the last few days. Several hundred times today, Coby has asked me "When are Lisa, Lauren and Grandpa David going to show up?" When they get here, sweetie.

Last Fall, we found a duck in our back yard.Ok, I know I'm too much of a fan of alliterations, but it seems to get me blogging each day.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Too much to do Thursday

What mom doesn't want a clone of herself? I know I was wishing for one today.

I want her to do the meal planning for February (which includes the weekly shopping lists), the dishes, the laundry, file, sweep the floor, make dinner, and tidy my bedroom. It is in quite a state of disarray.

All so I can work on a few projects: 5 bibs, 4 quiet books, 3 baby blankets, 3 art smocks, 2 baby quilts, a scripture holder, a grocery sack holder, a wall hanging, a few scrap burpies, a skirt, and a lava-lava That's the majority of the sewing projects.

There's also scripture of the month cards, a songbook of this year's primary songs, a sacrament meeting booklet, planning summer lessons and activities, scrapbooking 3 albums for each boy, scanning all my photos, sticking them into albums. The list goes on and on.

Since I can't have a clone, I guess I'll have to settle for setting realistic expectations of what I a lone woman can do. Surprisingly, that's a lot, when one is flexible. Ha! That's hard.

Uninterrupted blocks of time to work would be lovely, but highly unattainable. However, every little bit of work helps. Right? So, I decided to apply the Organize your Home in 15 minutes per day method to my projects. I started today by taking 15 minutes to pin bias tape to the edge of a quilted wall hanging for Liam's room. Now, I'm a little bit closer to completing the project.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Toot My Horn Tuesday

I made a reversible scripture bag for Lauren, which Lisa and Teri drooled over. It was pretty, considering I made it from scraps I had around the house and I didn't have a pattern except for my reversible bag that I bought from Shopko, but I didn't take a picture.

Good thing, I decided to make a bag for Lisa and Teri so I can share these picture with you. I love the dragon print on Lisa's bag and the yellow ribbon trim on Teri's.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sum Up Sunday: 1/19-1/25

Kai brought home a cute little paper doll for Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday celebration. Across it's chest it said "I have a dream . . ." then Kai wrote in: that kids will be Judged by their character and not by their color. He talked about it all week.

For FHE, we played Sorry on the Wii. It was kinda fun. The boys had a difficult time understanding the game, but they enjoyed saying Sorry whenever they bumped someone back home.

A couple of months ago, Kai failed his eye exam and we were asked to follow up with an eye doctor. Right in the middle of the job and insurance change. After a few setbacks, I was finally able to get him an appointment at Target Optical on Tuesday. Turns out Kai is near sighted. The boys called the doctor silly. He laid Kai back (to dialate Kai's eyes), he told them that he was going to check Kai's teeth. Funny Man! Any tips on how to keep a 6 year old from losing his pricey glasses?

On Wednesday, I hit Macey's for their awesome cereal deals this week. I don't know if you want to know how many boxes of cereal I currently have, but I'm gonna tell you: 60. Ridiculous, I know! I was so tired of Chex (10 of the 60), and an average price of $1.55 per box is a good deal. Now, we have a wide variety to last until it all goes on sale again in 3 months. My only regret is that I only saved 60% when I could have saved 80% if I had coupons. And, there were a bunch to be had but I don't have subscription of the Sunday paper. The amount I could have saved would have easily paid for the subscription. Grrr!

Friday, was enjoyable I spent some time with friends hanging out and catching up. It's nice to shoot the breeze. Coby enjoyed his play date with his friend, Tyler. Coby gets kick out of watching him play his video games. Coby gets frustrated if can't do something right/perfectly. He has a hard time playing video games. It just takes practice. He'll get it eventually.

Jake was at school all Saturday administering/judging a coding contest. The rest of us stayed home in our jammies all day. I spent most of the day coughing and wiping my nose or Liam's, and playing with my blog. The boys worked on crafts. Kai made a wallet out of construction paper. Coby made a variety of things that wrapped themselves into a present to give to his friends.

Today, we stayed home. No reason to infect the rest of the ward with our colds.

I've been feeling a little overwhelmed with a bunch of things I feel like I have to get done. Jake has been super wonderful this week. He did the dishes every evening to give me some free time do things I enjoy so I can re energize myself, like write posts for the blog. :) I'm still behind on a few things, but I no longer feel like I'm drowning. Thanks, Honey!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sayings Saturday

Ok, so this is a spin on Wordless Wednesdays, instead of a photo it's a compilation of silly/funny things the boys have said this week.

A few days ago, Kai was saying the alphabet while twisting off the stem on his apple (I remember doing that when I was a kid). He landed on Y. He came up with YAK, then a few minutes later he said "No, no a Kai Yak!!" accompanied by his I'm so clever dance, a body and head shake (sideways bobble head action) with a grin.

Yesterday, Coby was watching Sesame Street's Count it Higher video. One of the music videos featured Kermit the Frog singing Doo Wop Hop. He said: "Mommy, that's just Ernie dressed up as a frog." Essentially.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Toot My Horn Tuesday

I'm not sure what that means yet. Maybe I'll tell you of the fabulous project I've completed this week or some marvelous thing I've done. Who knows?

But I do know that today I want to tell you that I have a BERNINA sewing machine. One of Jake's co-worker's is moving to Australia. The plugs here don't match the plugs there, so they needed to sell it.

First, Jake told me about a quilting machine they were selling for $1000, purchased for $2000. We don't have $1000 and I am not proficient enough at quilting to require a quilting machine.

Then he told me that they were selling a Bernina for $400, original price $900. Sweet! With Jake's new job he received a little extra money, so Happy Valentine's Day to me!! The machine even came with a dual sole walking foot. What an amazing thing that is to have! Expensive too!!

I can't wait to try all those different stitches!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sum Up Sunday: 1/12-1/18

Last Saturday, we were watching the America's Test Kitchen people prepare a blueberry pie. So on Monday when I went to Sunflower Market and I saw they had blueberries for sale, I decided that we needed to have this pie. Only one problem though, to make the crust tender and flaky I needed to purchase some vodka. All the boys were with me and I really didn't want to take them in with me. Jake to the rescue.

So I made the pie crust, then Jake made the filling and rolled out the pie dough. Pie crusts are not Jake's forte. He has had bad experiences with them in the past, so I generally handle it, but I was busy with Liam. In the end it turned out just fine. The top crust was not the prettiest, but it was great tasting. Overall, it was really good for a blueberry pie, which is NOT my favorite kind of pie. I had a second piece. The crust was wonderful. It didn't leave a greasy film on my mouth. It was flaky and tender. Yum!

Tuesday: Jake's first day of Winter Semester!

Wednesday: PJ & Movie Day for Coby. He told me that he spent most of the movie outside in the hall, because the movie was too scary. They were watching Brother Bear. Later, I found out that he actually spent a good portion of his time on the potty.

A auto glass repair man came by on Thursday to replace the windshield on my Suburban, B.B. There was a crack across the width of the windshield. D'oh! It was nice that I didn't have to take the car in anywhere.

Later that evening, a friend of Kai's, Sterling, came over for dinner. He's a fourth grader that Kai rides the bus with. He has two younger brothers that Kai and Coby like to play with, and I'm having them take turns coming over. Kai had his first dinner date with them in December. It's was a lot of fun . After dinner, the boys played Wii sports. Kai rocks at bowling. And Sterling was great at baseball.

I signed up to help with the PTA book exchange. Each child brings home a book based on their reading level. When they are done reading it they take it back to school to be exchanged for a new one. The teacher has plenty to do besides exchanging these books, so parents volunteer. Kai was so excited to see me when I picked up the books to take to the exchange room. What's nice is that I can take Coby and pop in a video for him to watch. When we got there, a My Little Pony video was on. Coby loved it!! It was annoying to watch because it had lines running through it. Next Friday, I think I'll bring one our videos.

I went to pick up Kai after school, but the sweet boy forgot and rode the bus home. This was a test run for next Tuesday when he has an eye exam. The plan was to pick him up early so we could get Jake from work, stop at Ikea to purchase new dressers for the boys, then go out to dinner. I got to the bus stop before the bus, so no big deal. Ok, at the time I was not happy about it and I lectured him. :(

Next Saturday, Jake will be at work all day so I had a ME Day this Saturday. I had my hair chopped short and I love it. The hair stylist wanted to make sure it was cut right, so she blow dried and styled it. Woo hoo! She got me all dolled up for my night out with my Girls.

While I was gone, Liam took his first step. It was a step fall thing towards Coby. I'm sad I missed it. He is a mama's boy. He is the first to say ma-ma first. It was always da-da da-da for weeks before Kai and Coby got around to saying ma-ma. Not too long after Liam said da-da.

I headed back out to stop at my friend Lisa's, new house. I'm so jealous! We went to Olive Garden early but had a 1/2 hour wait which flew by while we were trying on clothes at a Shade store. They were having a great sale. Back at Olive Garden, I had the Chianti Short Ribs, ate half and saved the rest for Jake. A few weeks ago when we went he ordered them, alas they had just ran out. The ribs were fantastic, but I didn't like the risotto. But I knew Jake would. Besides, I needed to save room for the Black Tie Mousse. YUM!! Liam was with me and he's a grabby little boy. He managed to dump a bowl of Salad and a glass of soda. Whoops! Sarah was wonderful with Liam, giving me a chance to enjoy my dinner. After that, we went to see Bride Wars. An Ok movie.

The best part of the evening was just being with my friends. I have envied Jake's mom because she has an awesome group of friends that get together for lunch, cabin sleep overs, and what not. That's really cool! I figured it would be awhile before I would have a group of friends like that, since we haven't really lived in one area long enough or the people around us come and go quickly.

As I took picture of my friends, I realized I have that! Whoa! And I've had it for a while now. We've been getting together for the last few years. First, it started out at the brunch group at my house. From there it was project night, and watching American Idol (last 2 seasons) and So You Think You Can Dance (last season). Now, as we've moved a little further away from each other, it's a monthly get together of dinner and movie. I'm sad we won't see each other as much any more, but I'm so glad I finally realized what I have!! A group of wonderful, caring, talented, spiritual women who I call my friends. I LOVE YOU LADIES!!

Liam and Sarah
Jill, Lisa, and Me
Kaylee and Brigitte Thorne
Sarah and Jennifer

Now, I must admit something. I am totally into the glory of man. At church, I was given loads of compliments on my hair, from some of the brethren even. Also, I received email compliments from people who didn't have a chance to tell me at church. Tee hee! Made my day! Thanks everyone!! The picture above does not do it justice. It is way cute!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sum up Sunday: 1/5-1/11

Back to school! The boys are so excited! Me too! Kai had a hard time controlling himself, so his teacher asked him why he was having such a hard time and he said "I'm struggling like a baby crocodile" He was having such a hard time that he got booted out of class for 5 minutes.

This story sounds familiar. Oh, that's right! I spent most of kindergarten sitting outside. I didn't get my nickname of Mighty Mouth by chance, I earned it. My teacher, Sister Dorothy, knew I was learning more sitting outside the door trying to listen in than I would in class talking to everyone.

After, dropping Coby off at preschool I headed over to the Library to pick up some boys for the boys. The book called Parenting with Love and Logic, popped into my head. I didn't think I would have time to read it because most of time was going to be spent preparing a talk about the Fall on Sunday, so I wasn't going to get it but I HAD to get it.

On Tuesday, during recess Kai was showing kids how to put snow on their chins to look like Santa. That night Coby and I colored and completed his Birthday poster for preschool for his half birthday celebration the next day. He took his favorite snack to share: ABC chocolate cookies, then came home with a great birthday hat and a goodie bag from his teacher with pencils and candy inside.

Wednesday was Jake's last day at Caselle. He discovered that teaching is where his heart is. So he has returned to Neumont University on Thursday so he can prep for classes that start next Tuesday. I am so thrilled!! One down side: the commute, and his 8 o'clock class this semester. I've come to depend on his help in getting the boys going in the mornings. They enjoy having breakfast with their Daddy.

So Friday, while making lunch I'm trying to figure out what the parenting book has to do with my talk, because I've been reading it all week instead of preparing my talk, when a quote from the book hits me: "Unless we allow them to fail, sometime grandiosely fail, we cannot allow our children to choose success."The book then discusses Adam and Eve's choice in the Garden of Eden leading to the Fall. From there I had my starting off point for my talk. It was wonderful moment of clarityand peace! I love when Heavenly Father looks out for me. Cuz although I love to talk, public speaking is terrifying!!

Another plus to reading the book is that I was trying to apply the tips and techniques as I read and it made our home happy and peaceful (I only yelled at the boys twice, a record for me), so I was able to focus on writing my talk. I'm going to get a copy of the book for my own library, so I can refer to it anytime I need a little extra help.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Three Kings Day!

While serving an LDS mission in Puerto Rico, I discovered Three Kings Day, which is celebrated on January 6th, and is the 12th day of Christmas. It was such a fun holiday!

My second Christmas, I knew my presents were going to be late. I sent them off with a note to have a Happy Three Kings Day. Since then it has been my back up holiday. I always strive to get my presents there by Christmas, but sometimes the gifts get there when the wise men do. Generally, we open our presents from them on the 6th as well. It's nice to get Christmas twice.

Here are my three little kings!