Friday, March 20, 2009

Flashback Friday

Ok, how is Flashback Friday different from Memory Monday?

Memory Monday
1) from my childhood
2) something I remember from some trigger, like Kai's fundraiser.
I want to get it written before I forget it again.
3) no photos of the actual event, but possible photos of the time period

Flashback Friday
1) adulthood, anything after 1994
2) easily remembered
3) photos

At least, that's my very loose interpretation.

Summer 1995 - The Y
Kamaile, Kristie Latu, and Me.
We hiked the Y with our Family Home Evening Group.

I'm not very athletic. I'm not a huge fan of the outdoors. That being said I was proud of myself for actually making the effort to hike the Y again. You have to do it at least once, which I did with my Freshman Ward.

I don't remember if it was easy or hard either time. I was just happy to be there again. When I took a moment to sit down and enjoy being on the mountain side, there was such a feeling of peace and oneness with nature, a communion with God, if you will. It was a wonderful experience to see Happy Valley in it's entirety, to see campus and the temple. Then it was back to the gaiety of youth and fun times.

That summer there were a number of students from other countries like: South Africa, various places in Asia, and Australia, which is where Kamaile and Kristie are from. It was so much fun to hear a wide range of accents and languages spoken and also to learn about day to day life elsewhere. I tried Vegemite, an acquired taste to be sure, but not so bad with loads of butter.

That same summer my BFFs visited me.
Me, Lyndsey Ririe Merryman, Tiffany Taylor soon to be Blau
Aren't we a gorgeous trio?


tiff said...

i had ttally forgotten that we came to vist im glad you posted this picture i remember now it was fun and you and lyndsy are beuatiful as always thanks for being a wonderl best friend