Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Liam!!

Name: William Joseph Hoapili Walkenhorst
Nicknames: Liam, B'Diam, Babu, Bebo, Baby
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Weight: 18 lbs
Personality: bright, sunny, smiley (not in this picture though)
Favorite Food: Bananas
Favorite Saying: Hi dada
Favorite Toy: The farm, the cow that moos
Favorite Activity: Climbing, and splashing in the tub.
Favorite Animal: Cow and bears
Favorite Parent: Mommy
Favorite Brother: Kai
Favorite Place: The stairs
Favorite non-toy: measuring cups, cabinet doors, his drawer, kitchen utensils

Just this last week,
  • walks from place to half way to another place
  • stands up to walk
  • loves PB&J
  • wants to eat with his own utensils
  • molar on top right
  • loves to swing
  • motorboats
His Stats:
  • Height - 29 1/4" (25th percentile)
  • Weight - 18 lbs 1 oz (dropped from the 30th to 5th percentile. Pesky allergy to dairy)
  • Head - 43 cm
I need to fatten Liam up with high fat foods, I can feed him as many french fries and chicken nuggets I want, and find a non dairy equivalent to Pediasure. I'm trying rice milk with a few scoops of some hypoallergenic formula, you know the pricier stuff.



"HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY LIAM". Hope you have a wonderful day.

Carrian said...

Happy birthday cute boy!!