Saturday, March 28, 2009

Silly Boys Saturday: It's long!

I bought a carton of Chocolate Marshmallows. When we ate them all, Kai took the box, cut it in half, and wrote a note to the Easter Bunny "Hide some other eggs everywhere else", then placed it out in the grass for the EB to find.

Lately, Kai has been exclaiming OMG. We had a discussion about it, then he thought about what he could say instead so now it's OMC = Oh my chickens! I replaced my infrequently used favorite of "Hellfire & Damnation" with "Cheese & Crackers".

The word of the week is: feature. Kai watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at school. It has the cool feature of having a GPS and it can fly. He learned about Australia. He thinks the echidna has intersting features. Or he just randomly says "That is a unique feature"

Kai: How do birds know it's winter?
Me: How do you know?
Kai: It gets a little eskimo.
Coby (with exasperation): It's snows!

We sent the boys upstairs to get into their Jammies, and they came down like this.
It was only after they had a bunch of fun flying around and taking a ton of pictures, that I realized that the capes were on the shelf in the boys' closet, on top of some books. One of them climbed up the dresser to get it. Grrr!

The boys love Star Wars, although they've seen olny a few of the movies. They sometimes have a hard time understanding everyone's relationships. For example, the other day Coby said "Some adults have sisters. Luke is Lea's sister. Padme and Han solo are Luke's parents. "

Coby: Daddy, when you are done, can I have a pickle, a SOUR pickle?
Daddy: Would you rather have a pickle or grapes?
Coby: Pickle!!
Coby then proceeded to eat the skin off the pickle, before finishing the whole thing off. I remember when Jake would say pickle, Coby would say Ew!

Coby was on the couch curled up like a ball with his tush sticking up. Liam noticed the waistband of Coby's underwear, and pulled. Wedgie!!
Jake: Coby, Baby just gave you a wedgie!
Coby: What's a wedgie?
Jake: When someone pulls your underwear up.
I would've loved to have seen this.

This week, Liam's favorite new "toy" is any round hair brush, he prefers Jake's which has nubs on the end so it it isn't as pokey. Since Jake uses it we encourage him to play with one I no longer use. He crawls, walks, follows me around, and falls asleep with it.

As we sat down for dinner on Thursday, I put the brush on the counter. Liam threw a fit. I generally don't have the pleasure of witnessing his tantrums, since they generally occur when I've left the home. I was clueless, at first, as I watched him turn in his chair and reach toward the counter. He calmed down as soon as I returned it to him. Oh, boy! Hunger eventually won out.

Today, I was cleaning up after dinner and Liam was crying, following me around in the kitchen. Then he just stopped in front of the sink throwing another fit. Huh? He didn't want the bottle on the edge of the sink. He didn't want me. So what could have want? I looked around and found his brush. I'm not quite sure how he knew it was there. Weird!

I took Kai out to lunch, for some one-on-one time. While I was gone, Liam searched the whole house crying for me, until he fell asleep in front of my bedroom door, thinking I was inside. Aw!


Vicki said...

Kids are so funny and cute sometimes! Also, love your new blog header... very nice photo of your family!