Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Sum up 2/23 - 3/1

On Monday, we went to the Draper Temple open house. The boys thought that the bus driving us from the chapel to the temple was pretty cool. What a beautiful experience! The boys enjoyed it. They loved hearing about the purpose of each room. Coby's favorite room is the celestial room because "the Angel Moroni lives above it. " Kai's favorite room is the baptismal font, because "in just one more age I'll be 8, and I can be baptized."

I registered Coby for kindergarten. Woo hoo! It was fun to see all the other moms in our ward registering their little ones too. All we have left to complete registration is for Coby to have his 5 year exam, his Hep A shot and a dental exam.

On Friday, I went to my friend, Sandy's, house to hang out. She lives down the street from Kai's school, so I planned to pick him up after school. Just before I got there, a shooting occurred down the street. The police blocked the street, and put Kai's school on lock down. A friend of Sandy's was a witness. She wasn't allowed to return to her home, so came to Sandy's house to write out her witness statement. They lifted the lock down just before school let out, but there was still confusion about kids riding the bus home. It was quite the afternoon.

Kai bore his testimony over the pulpit for the first time this Sunday. For a few months he has asked to go up. We wanted to practice during FHE, first. But this week, when he asked if he could go up, I said yes, if he would tell me before hand what he was planning to say. He got up there, gripped the pulpit, right hand on the front edge and his left close to himself, then he proceeded in a very conversational manner, he said "You know...sometimes the Holy Ghost helps us..." It was a well thought out testimony, not your typical kid testimony done by rote. Jake and I were on the edge of our seat worried that he was going to blow raspberries in the mircophone. He surprised us with his depth. I was warmed by his faith.

Love the Primary, they made a song book this year of all the songs the kids will be learning for the Primary Program. I made one for the boys last year, and was planning to do it again, but now I don't have to!! Woo hoo! Thank you!