Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Community Blog

Sometimes I can be a little over ambitious, like with me newest project: a community blog. I haven't been able to banish the thought of doing it for the last few months. So I finally broke down and created one: Pleasant Village

I welcome any input, ideas, thoughts, tips, news etc... I'm just getting started so I will continue to add things and hope to have fellow contributors as well.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Coby's Transformer Birthday Party

Actually, it ended up being a well organized playdate with Tyler, but the boys had a blast! 

Each boy chose a character name badge, then we read a Transformer Book.

We played Stop and Go. To Stop they had to transform into their car form, then to Go they resumed their robot form. It was hilarious. Jake was awesome at making the transforming noise. 

They got to Destroy the Decepticons with bean bags,

who got their revenge when the boys took a stick to the Optimus Prime pinata. 

To finish off we had angel food cake with strawberries and whipped topping.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kids Craft Class - the sea

When I was thinking of the things that we could do this summer that would be inexpensive and give me a few hours to shop without children, I immediately thought of my friend who does Kraft Tuesdays with her little girl and her little friends.

On Thursdays from 10:00-11:30, the boys go to Kids Craft Class for 4-6 year olds. I came up with a schedule of themes/items for us to use as a guideline for ideas. The kids work on a craft for a portion of the time then go out to play. Really easy and low key.

I trade off with two other moms, and this week was my turn. My theme was the ocean. In Joy School, I noticed that the kids paid more attention at story time, so I decided to read the kids some books about the ocean.

For our craft: blue construction paper and foam stickers of sea creatures, and voila! seascapes.

Unfortunately, Kai's has been lost but it was really good.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Family Birthday Party for Coby

My MIL made two angel food cakes to celebrate Coby's birthday. He had a great time singing and dancing during the Happy Birthday song, and he was thrilled that the missionaries were there to help celebrate.

Friday, June 19, 2009

While we were gone...

The boys helped Peepaw in the yard

explored the creek

Played in a mound of dirt

Went to Sciencetopia,

Discovery Kingdom


played with the cousins

enjoyed Grammy's huge bath tub

played with Lacey

Back to the children

Bye Stinson Beach, we've really enjoyed being here! Off we go to our rambunctious boys. When we arrived, we were told that we were not expected back just yet. Alright! We unpacked, then went to lunch at Compadres for some delicious Mexican Food with a fabulous view of the Napa River. We also saw Land of the Lost. We thought it was hilarious!!

Later in the afternoon we went to Jessica's 3rd birthday party at local park. Jessica is the boys' cousin. It was a Princess Party. The boys fought over the Princess cups they were getting. Coby really wanted Ariel, because "she is the prettiest and she's only wearing sea shells" Coby ended up with Cinderella, since Kai snatched Ariel first. Here are some shots of the boys playing.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A childless vacation - Point Reyes

Today, we headed out to Point Reyes National Seashore.

We stopped first at the visitor's center and gift shop, while waiting to join a hiking tour. We went on the Earthquake Trail.

For lunch we headed into Point Reyes Station and stopped at a Whale of a Deli. I had a delicious meatball sub, and Jake had a Whale of a Deal sandwich: ham, salami, mortadella, pepperoni, and provolone. Mmm. . . Why can't delis in Utah make a sandwich like these? Gandolfo's are pretty good. But the BREAD is just not the same. It enhances the flavors of whatever you put on it.

We then headed out to the Point Reyes Lighthouse. It looked nothing like this postcard.

I played in the surf while Jake read a book. Tonight's dinner was provided by the Sand Dollar. I gobbled up a gourmet burger with Applewood smoked Bacon. Can we say delectable? Jake had a Salmon sandwich. To finish off the meal, a creamy bread pudding.

I feel like I've exhausted my vocabulary in describing great food! More movies for the evening.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A childless vacation - San Francisco

To avoid car sickness, I drove. This time we drove on the Pacific Coast Highway, which is just as twisty windy,but more of it overlooks the ocean and is open. Such a nice drive, especially if I'm behind the wheel.
There was some construction on a substantial stretch of the road, so there was a Pilot Car to lead a group of cars down one lane.

We made it into the City and walked around for a while then headed over to Ripley's Believe it or not. It was really cool to see Ripley's cartoons and the artifacts he brought back (or reproductions of artifacts) from his travels. Wow! It was pretty amazing, but not so unbelievable. Not with the media and information so readily available today. I can see how it would have astounded the masses of the time.

We bought combo tickets for Ripley's and the Wax Museum
We stopped at Nonna Rose's for lunch. I love sourdough bread from San Francisco. It's the best.

Off the the Wax Museum. Pretty cool. We didn't really take any pictures, except for these. Me and this hot Egyptian Dude, ooh so muscular ; ) Jake with President Obama. How presidential!

We stopped at Coldstone to validate our parking and grab a tasty treat. We are spoiling ourselves rotten.

We got back to the room and changed to go swimming. I wasn't sure about going swimming. I grew up swimming in Hawaii. Quite a bit different. If it's cold with all my clothes on, how cold was it going to be in a bathing suit in cold water? Cold, but you get used to it. It was fun splashing around in the surf. I now understand the appeal despite the temperature.

While we were out, the daily siren sounded.

After de-sanding, we went to the Parkside again for dinner. This time we treated ourselves to a Prawn Cocktail. Yummy! I dined on crabcakes and sweet potatoes. Jake feasted on Fish Tacos. For dessert, we shared a warm fruit crisp. Everything is so delicious!

There's not much to do after dark, unless you wanna go the bar and listen to the band, hence all the videos.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A childless vacation - Stinson Beach

I'm the type of person who likes to share what we did from sun up to sundown in painstaking detail (and always with a mention of food, we are foodies after all), but those are the posts that I am most likely to skim over because it feels like I get bogged down by the details. I'm trying to find the middle ground. Here we go:

We drove from Napa to Stinson Beach, and took the scenic route via Mount Tamalpais, a windy twisty leafy green enclosed road.

View Larger Map
Oh, I forgot to mention that I get carsick on these kinds of roads. I spent most of the time with my eyes closed, but what I saw through squinty eyes was pleasing. A blurgy, but beautiful ride.

We went to lunch at a place called the Parkside Cafe. I had the Smoked Chicken-Apple Sausage Scramble and Jake had Southwest Tuna Salad. Yum!

Look at the cute squat little ketchup bottle!

We walk around town and saw: drinking fountains with charming mosaic work (even the doggie bowl was decorated), Stinson Beach Market with over priced food, a few souvenir shops, the Sand Dollar Restaurant (the other restaurant in town), the Beach Book Store (which was closed), our place, then the beach, which was chilly & windy. I was surprised how many people there were frolicking in the water and boogie boarding, just enjoying the surf while others played volleyball and Frisbee. I didn't think that it was warm enough to enjoy that.

We walked on the beach for awhile then headed back to town, and stopped at the Flying Pig Ranch. Since it was chillier than I was expecting, we bought a cute Stinson Beach hooded sweat shirt, and treated ourselves to an ice cream cone. It's always lovely to just stroll and eat ice cream. We discovered these interesting flowers along the way.

We checked into our place, the Sandpiper Lodging. At the front desk, they had a wall of DVD's, in fact there were videos everywhere, in the library, at the Flying Pig Ranch, etc. . . The room was great. They had plates, utensils, dish soap, a microwave, a fridge, and a grill outside, so there was no reason to eat out if you didn't want to. Beach towels were provided as well as an extra cot. And there was a cute Guest Book to sign, requesting “Please tell us about your stay.” It was fun to read what other people thought of their time there.

We went back to the beach to walk on the shoreline. Then we went to dinner at the Sand Dollar. Jake had a gourmet burger with bleu cheese and I enjoyed a BBQ pulled pork sandwich. Mmmm... so tasty.

More to come...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Bonneville Salt Flats

We began our four wheeled adventure today as we headed out to Napa for our vacation. We didn't stop in our usual spots along I-80, because the boys needed a rest stop early, which happened to be the Bonneville Salt Flats. The boys didn't believe that the vast area of white was salt. They were certain it was ice, until they tasted some.

Mmm. Salty

Look at how happy Liam is! As long as he had his sippy. Kai was doing a math workbook.
I'm taking a break from pinning bibs.
Coby was playing with the leap pad (thanks, Grammy!) Jake drove most of the way.
Silly tired Liam, what's with the eye poke? Don't you love his Arby's necklace?
He loves to put things around his neck.


On our way -
K: Are we in Seattle?
J: No. Seattle is in Washington.
K: What city has a C on the mountain?
J: Carlin

Listening to the Who singing "Who are You?" -
K: I know why CSI chose this song?
Us: Why?
K: Because they are trying to figure out who did it.

Coby's journal entry -
. . . it took us really long because we had to drive all the way to Japan. I went to my Gramma's called Grammy, called Lyn. Why did I go? Because it's summer and summer's the time to visit.

Road Trip

This week we're heading for California. The boys will be hanging with the grandparentals while we soak up some sun and enjoy the sights.

By next week, I should have a bunch of pictures documenting our childless adventures, so I'm trying to clear out all the drafts I have waiting to be posted. Hence, all the posts. I am now down to only 18 drafts, most just need pictures.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Coby's Wise Man

The foolish man built his house upon the creek
The foolish man built his house upon the creek
The foolish man built his house upon the creek
And the rains came tumbling down
The rains came down and the floods came up
The rains came down and the floods came up
The rains came down and the floods came up
And the house on the creek washed away

The wise man built his house upon a ship
The wise man built his house upon a ship
The wise man built his house upon a ship
Actually, his house was the ship.
The rains came down and the floods came up
The rains came down and the floods came up
The rains came down and the floods came up
And the wise man's ship floated away.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Silly Boys

Kai was shooting a gun he made out of Megabloks with the accompanying full shooting sound: pugh! pugh! Jake said "Kai!" meaning quiet down. They became "pi-u pi-u" like a little chicken.

Ask Liam to say "woof" all you get is a whispered f.

Friday, June 12, 2009


Tonight, our fortune cookies said A four-wheeled adventure will soon bring you happiness & You will soon reunite with a distant friend.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Russell's Graduation

Can you guess how many Valedictorians there were?

With 11 Valedictorians and 1 Salutatorian, the ceremony had the potential to be long, but each speaker kept their comments short and sweet. The neat part was when each would give thanks to their families in their native language. It was strange to think that I had done the very same thing 15 years prior. Whoa!

After the commencement, we hung out in front of the Orleans waiting for Russell.
Coby, Jason, & Maria; Lisa & Liam; Me and my Mom; Lauren & Kai

Kai borrowed the camera for a bit and took these lovely shots.
Jason & Maria; Coby, Lauren & Lisa; Me & Liam; Teri; my mom; Rex

Russell finally made it out
Proud Ma; and Pa; here's his girl, Amanda

Coby's turn with the camera
Oh and Kai's random shots of foliage, which I think turned out really well...
except for the Pepsi can in the bush

We headed home to swim and eat BBQ. Woo hoo! I was surprised that the pool was cold in June. Kai told Jake about his swimming experience in Vegas "It was so cold it was like a vibrate to my teeth". Kai was content to sit in a raft with a body board to hold on to. Coby was happy jumping off the diving board. It was nice to just swim around with Liam or off by myself.

Dinner was delicious. Thanks to Teri's mastery of the grill. For dessert, we had Coby's favorite: Angel Food Cake with Strawberries and Whipped topping. We also had breakfast together, that Jason cooked for us, before the boys and I headed home.

It was wonderful spending time with my family and having such nice accommodations -Thanks, Jason & Maria for letting us crash at your place.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cove Fort

Since July of 1994, I've driven I-15 at least once a year. Until recently, I didn't really notice the brown road signs. You know, the ones that tell you about the cool stuff to see.

The last few years we've noticed a sign that said Cove Fort. Last year, we finally stopped to check it out and enjoy our sack lunches. However, due to a desire to quickly arrive at our destination we did not stay long enough to take the tour.

This year on our way down to Vegas for Russell's graduation, the boys and I stopped long enough to enjoy the tour. First, we watched a brief video on the history of the fort, then a Senior Missionary gave us a tour of the Fort, then of a replica of the Hinckley home in Colesville. The boys were given a souvenir: a wooden disc stamped Cove Fort 1867 with a braided cord that goes through two holes in the middle.

Wooden disc thing

It was a pleasant experience, and a nice break from our trip. I highly recommend stopping if you ever have the chance.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Coby, Happy Birthday!!

What are his favorite things?

Color - Green
Food - hot dog with mustard and sour dough bread sticks
Treat - chocolate
TV show - Olivia
Movie - Wall E
Book - Cat in the Hat comes back
Song - Blitzgrieg Bop
Activity - Painting
Toy - His Bumblebee Transformer
Saying - Hork it!
Animal - His puppy
Smell - Chocolate
Season - Christmas
Person - Emily Felt or any number of girls

Now that Coby is five, he will move to the top bunk. His Primary teachers and his Grammy gave him some presents and treats. His class signed a Birthday card. All in all I'd say he has a great day!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Silly Boys

Coby: I love peaches. Cuz they're fuzzy. Really?

The most amazing thing happened this morning! Kai slept in til 8:30, and he wasn't sick. I asked him if he could keep doing that. He said No. Aw, man!

While I was laying in bed, Liam brought me things and said ere u go!

This last week, Liam has been super excited to Jake. He jumps up and downs at the gate, thrusts his arms out and does the grabby motion with his hands. He said "Ah ya u, addy" > I love you, Daddy.

TMI alert
I farted. Yes, that happens from time to time. Coby said "It sounded like a chicken' Funny thing is, it kinda did. His accompanying giggle made me laugh.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


For the last few months, it has been difficult to keep Kai clothed and shod. The boy comes home with rips at the knees and holes at the tips of his shoes. Since February we've been through 3 pairs of shoes. It didn't help that 2 of those came from Wal-mart.
But if you recall, almost a month ago we purchased quality shoes. Well, they were absolutely hashed, so we took them back to Sears to get them replaced. I showed them the shoes, then went to pick out new ones of the same brand and size. They didn't have any in his size in the same brand, but the sales clerk listed other options. No acceptable everyday wear, but there were some nice shoes. Kai picked out some church shoes. With confidence in this system, and a sale on Sketchers, I bought Kai these:He absolutely loves them. I hope they last at least until the end of summer.

7/07 - It's been a month now, and they still look good. Woo hoo!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fleetwood Mac Concert

For Jake's birthday, I bought tickets to the Fleetwood Mac Concert. He is a big fan. I'm not, but I knew he was excited about it and wanted to share in his enjoyment.

Here we are waiting for the show to start.

Song: Monday Morning, The Chain, Dreams, Gypsie, A Lot Like You, Rhiannon, Secondhand News, Tusk, Sarah, Big Love, Landslide, Say You Love Me, Go Your Own Way.

Encore: Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow.

When the concert started Stevie Nicks looked bored, but she eventually warmed up. I put my shades on (the lights were really bright) and started people watching.

Our tickets were up in the balcony, but we were moved to the lower level. Woo hoo! When we got there, some guy started talking to us. An interesting fellow. He had 3 beers already, but before he left to get some more he asked if we would mind if he toked a joint. Okay. While he was gone a couple of older ladies sat between his spot and ours. When he returned he had two more beers, and the ladies quickly let be known that they were not going to put up his shenanigans. By the time he disappeared to find a better spot he had downed 7 beers all together.

There was one "lady" in her forties dressed as though she was twenty, at the end of an aisle who couldn't stop dancing or waving her arms around and subsequently knocked the beers out of two individuals hands, on separate occasions, as they came down the stairs.

Lindsay Buckingham was freakin' awesome! Mik Fleetwood was funny! I totally appreciate and enjoy the group way more now. Jake is still disappointed that Christine McVee is retired. Say You Love Me just wasn't the same without her. WE had an AWESOME time!

Care Bears

Today the boys have been playing Care Bears. They take turns being Professor Coldheart "deep freezing those Fuzzy Wuzzies." or a being a Care Bear defeating the Professor with the Care Bear Stare.

When they were babies:
Kai was our little Funshine Bear. He was our little ray of sunshine, and so much fun. We even bought him a Funshine bear, that is part of his trifecta of stuffed animals. Kai's song is "You are my sunshine", but instead of sunshine we sing Kai Guy.

Coby was our little Grumpy Bear. In the mornings, often greeted him "How's my little Grumpy Bear today?"

Liam is Friendship Bear. He always has a smile, a wave, and a HI! for everyone. Random people in stores come up to him to say Hello!

As they were playing, I asked them which Care Bear they would like to be, and why.
Kai - Wish Bear, so I can be magic.
Coby - Funshine Bear, so I can make the sunshine.
Liam- Kai says Liam is Bedtime Bear, "because he takes naps all the time and we stay up."

I always wanted to be Good Luck Bear when I was little, because he was my favorite color of green. I'd say nowdays I'm Wish-A-Lot Bear. I wish for a lot of things: free time, a house, peace and quiet.

Jake says he would be Grumpy Bear, but I'd say he is Bright Heart Racoon: The smartest of the Cousins, Bright Heart Raccoon is a walking supercomputer who can solve problems thinking logically, and helps his friends on their toughest dilemmas.

So which kind of Care Bear are you?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day 2 of Summer

Me waking up this morning and the day only got worse.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer Plans

June 9-11 Las Vegas for Russell's graduation
June 15- 22 Napa for a Child-Free Vacation
July 10-12 Vegas for my 15 year High School Reunion

What in the world am I going to do with the kids?
Daily Activities

  1. "Homeschool" - math & spelling workbooks, flash cards, sight words, and Q&A
  2. Reading at least 20 minutes
  3. Free time at the playground
Morning activities:
  1. M&W - Shopping & Hula Lessons
  2. Tues - Library Reading Program thru July
  3. Thurs - Kids Craft Class
  4. Friday - Thanksgiving Point: gotta use my membership.
Afternoon activities:
  1. Swimming at the pool/ Playing games
  2. Journal Writing - their journal's are pretty cool.
  3. Swimming lessons at the Veteran's Memorial Pool, starting on July 27th.