Sunday, August 30, 2009


Kai refused to share his Nerf guns with Coby. Not to be foiled, Coby goes over to the Tinkertoys and says out loud, "I'm going to make my own gun!" and starts humming the MacGuyver theme song to himself:

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Coby's First Day of Kindergarten

Coby is very excited about going to kindergarten and is thrilled to be riding the bus, to and from school. That wasn't an option when Kai started kindergarten.

Here's the traditional first day of school pic.

The path they take to the bus stop

Hanging out at the bus stop, everyone was enthralled with the snails. Coby couldn't wait to get on the bus when it got here. He practically shoved Kai out of the way. 

The end of Coby's first day, the bus ride home. 
We watch Psych. The boys love Shawn & Gus. 
So Coby is very excited that his bus driver's name is Shawn. 
And Gus is on the bus too, but he was hiding. 

On the way home, Coby asked to take some pictures. Here are a few:
I love the one of his shadow. 
I just wish it were crisper, not so blurry. 
Coby's friend, Mya, also started school today. 
She has the same teacher but she goes in the afternoon. :(

In the evening, it was Back to School Night for Kai. 
I think Kai is really going to enjoy being in this class. 
His teacher is nice, funny and caring. 

Silly Boys

On Thursday, Coby's lunch was a pretend Peanut butter and jelly sandwich birthday cake with pretzel candles.

Coby does the sad trombone, whenever something sad or disappointing happens.

While reviewing a poem with Kai, I asked him if he knows what a tutor is?
Yeah, it's something that you toot with.

What does slumber mean? Slumber means you drool all over something.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Imagination Tank

Kai is under a pile of pillows on the couch

M: Kai? Whatcha doin'?
K: I'm in my imagination tank.
C: Kai took a candy from the bag on the counter.
M: Kai, please bring me the Apple Jolly Rancher. (in a very calm voice, an unusual occurrence)
K: Mommy, I'm sorry I took the Apple Jolly Rancher. I won't do it again. I'll spit it out in the trash.

He must have been imagining that he had permission to have some candy.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Coby's Kindergarten Assessment

We met with Coby's teacher today for his assessment. I really appreciated that she has some chairs outside her door for us to sit on. The boy before us took some extra time, it was nice to sit and relax for a few minutes.

A bunch of paper work for me to fill out, while she questioned Coby. She had him repeat sentences, count blocks, read and sound out letters, write his name and a sentence, and a bunch of other things.

When he sounded out the letter Y he said E. She asked him to try again. His response "But my name is Coby - E." Oh, yeah you're right! It does make an E sound.

He completed his sentence and his teacher asked him to write his name at the top. So he wrote his CoBy as usual. She told him that he has to write his name correctly, with a lower case b, when he turns in his classwork. Coby looked at me and I just winked at him since that's what I've been telling him. I love his signature though so I'll continue to encourage him to use it on his artwork.

His handwriting is good (Thank you Miss Kellie & Miss Nettie), and he is on the cusp of reading. She recommended a few sight words to help him. Woo hoo for Scholastic! I always want to order books, but I'm never sure which educational ones to get. It was nice to have a suggestion of what will actually be helpful.

All in all it looks like Coby has a promising start in Kindergarten.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kai's Birthday Celebration

For his birthday, Kai requested a Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 (exactly that way every time, very reminiscent of A Christmas Story) and a sewing machine. We told him that he could have a sewing machine after he had some lessons with me. As for the gun, he can have it when he can properly store the ammo of his current gun. Liam loves to eat them.

Kai decided this year that he would like a family birthday party at Boondocks. So that's what we did and he loved it.

First, we played a round of golf.

Then Jake, Kai and Coby rode the bumper boats.
 Not to be left out of the fun, Liam and I squirted them from a safe distance. 

Then Kai made a circuit around the track. 
He loved watching everyone else that there were a few times that he ran in the tires. Whoops! 

Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Kai!

What are his favorite things?

Color - Blue & Purple
Food - Chinese
Treat - Ding Dongs
TV show - Magic School Bus
Movie - The Incredibles
Book - The Pokemon Poem
Song - Jingle Bell Rock
Activity - Arts and Crafts
Toy - Silver Bolt & Bumblebee
Saying - Pukesta! (generally used when it's super stinky outside from the sewage plant)
Animal - Cats
Smell - Cookies
Season/Holidays - Christmas
Person - My Grammy

A few days ago, we discussed Kai's birthday cake. He decided that he wanted one from Dollhouse Cakes. He chose chocolate fudge cookies with peanut butter butter cream filling. Yum! He wanted blue fondant, rainbow swirls, and replica of his tabby kitty drinking some milk on top. I was so pleased with the result!!! (My camera just couldn't get any good close up shots, so check out the website) Isn't it darling?
Kai was thrilled with his cake. He absolutely loved it!!
And he didn't want to stick a candle in it, so we put it in one of the cupcakes I made for the rest of us. We sang Happy Birthday. I handed Kai the knife and let him cut his cake. He was so careful to cut around the kitty. He was so sweet to cut a piece for each of us even though it was his special cake to enjoy. We told him he didn't have to but he wanted to. I love my sweet boy! And the cake was delicious!!

We had some homemade caramel pecan ice cream with our cake. Mmm. . . tasty! A perfect compliment to the dry cuppie cakes I made.

I asked him if he wanted me to remove the kitty. He said "Mommy, make sure he doesn't break I want to keep him!"

A happy day!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

2nd Grade

Yesterday, we went to the school's Open House and met Kai's teacher. She seems really nice and fun. Kai got a Ding Dong for coming to the open house, as well as homework (nice!).

He had to put 5 things a brown paper sack to tell the class about him.

  1. bird house - something he "made" (painted)
  2. blue rice sack - his favorite color
  3. mini stuffed kitty cat - favorite animal
  4. a spy scope - his favorite toy, he can watch people around corners with it.
  5. a Pokemon card - his favorite hobby, he tried to take the whole deck, but I told him it was over the limit of items.
Last night, he got his clothes out: his favorite shirt, church pants, and church shoes. He wanted to look his nicest for his first day. Aww! He went in his new school jeans and Sketchers.This morning he couldn't wait to get out of here. While eating breakfast, Kai told Coby that he was so happy that he didn't have to deal with him for the whole week. Then I reminded him that today is Thursday.

At 8:15, "Mom is it time to leave for the bus yet?" No. Looks like my role is Bubble Burster. Since he is on a later track, his classes don't start until 9:15. The bus won't pick him up until 8:54. It was his first time walking to the bus without me. When I drove by to go to Walmart, he waved to me. My heart just swelled.
When he got off the bus, a friend offered him a ride home, but he her them that he was walking home all on his own today. (She called me to be sure. Yup!) Her kids asked to walk home with him. So she went to get the mail, then looked for them, but couldn't find them on the street on the way to my house. She found them on the street to her house. She brought Kai home and told me that he said he was walking them home first. He is such a kind little boy.

Kai came home with Skittles as his home work -
As he pulled each one out he had to answer a question corresponding to the color
Red - What is something you like about the classroom? My teacher. She was really nice and I had lots of fun.
Yellow - What is something you want to do better or learn this year? What I want to do a little better is chapter books
Orange - Tell about the best part of your day: Everything
Green - Tell the name of someone in your class: Tea
Purple - Tell something about your teacher: She's extra nice. She gave me Skittles for my homework.

Such an exciting day!

Kai's First Day of Second Grade

Kai loves school, so he was pretty excited although this picture doesn't show it. The one from school does!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Silly Boys

I have no idea what they were talking about
C: It's in Chinese
K: No, it's modificated in American.

While uploading photos, I found these. Kai swears Coby took them.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Anniversary Date

Tonight, we went out for our anniversary date (better late than never). We went to Teppanyaki for dinner! It was delicious and we enjoyed some pre-show entertainment! Then we went to the production of Once on this Island.
The story: A group of islanders gather together to get away from a storm. One small girl is frightened, so they tell her a story to comfort her. The tale of TiMoune, a young girl rescued from a flood by gods who seem to have planned a special destiny for her. TiMoune is adopted by caring parents and raised in a peasant village which is socially separate from the rich city behind gates on the other side of the island. TiMoune grows wishing for more in her life than the peasant life she knows and entreats the gods of Water, Earth, Love and Death to help her begin her destiny. " and the story begins...(synopsis taken from

My wonderful and talented friend Lisa Frost played Mama Euralie, the mother of the main character TiMoune. We were so excited to be there to see her perform. Here is her cast bio:
I knew that Lisa was talented. I've heard her sing before and she has a beautiful voice. But her performance tonight absolutely blew me away. She was amazing!! Such power and emotion.

I felt her character's emotions: joy for a child, love for her husband, concern for his safety, frustration with her daughter, unconditional and everpresent love for her daughter, and a mother's sorrow and pain. My emotions seldom are engaged when watching a play or movie, so this was a roller coaster ride for me. One that I would ride again.
I look forward to her doing another production.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Grocery Store Rides

When I go to the store, I'm on a mission to get all I need as quickly as possible, which does not include letting the kids spend our money on the rides outside the store. I know! They're fun! I remember wanting to ride them when I was a kid. But now, I feel like it's waste of money.

Thank goodness for allowances. It keeps me from feeling miserly. The boys are free to spend their allowance however they want (with one exception: no candy until they stop stealing food from us) or they can save it for something. I'm waiting for that to happen.

A few weeks ago, Kai wanted to buy balloons. At the balloon counter at Macey's, he asked for a balloon of every color. He got the rainbow colors, instead of every single color they had. It was so bright and colorful. Liam was so excited to see all those balloons. Kai saw his excitement and bought a balloon just for Liam. Aw, how sweet!

While shopping today, I told them that if we got our shopping done before the alotted time was over, there would be time to ride the rides. Mission completed!

This is why it's worth the .50 cents and 5 minutes.

Jake's new calling

Jake has been called as the Stake IT Coordinator.

I'll miss how easy it was to obtain information to update the Ward Website, but he'll be home on Wednesday evenings now. Woo hoo!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lemonade Stand

Kai requested he have a lemonade stand. We purchased the necessary supplies, and discussed with him the ins and outs of running a home based business. ;).  To set ourselves apart from other lemonade stands, we chose to sell Cherry Lemonade. Today was the grand opening. Kai had a number of customers, like Mason and Sis. Baker, but I would say his best customers were himself and Coby. They had a fun time!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kids Craft Class - the Zoo

We read stories about the zoo and animals, created pictures of the different kinds of animals we would find at the zoo, and made animal puppets. For snacks, we had animal crackers!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How many is too many?

Bathing Suits, that is.

Two is a good number, right. I own three: the one I wear, the maternity suit, and the one that no longer fits. Hmmm, why do I still have it?

But 5?? Do you think that is a little excessive?

A lady in our parent tot swim class had a different suit for every day one week, and possibly one other the next week. I couldn't quite remember since there were sooooooo many.

I immediately thought about the cost. I'd much rather spend the money on clothes that I'd wear everyday, all day. I just have a hard time shelling out the bucks for something I don't wear that often.

Then there's the issue of multiple tan lines from different suits. Ew! Not that anyone sees them other than at the pool, but still Yeck!

Her little girl, definitely had a different suit everyday. The teacher commented about all her cute suits, and the lady said "Oh! I have two older girls, so there are a lot of hand me downs." That makes perfect sense. But then one day all three girls matched each other. If you have so many hand me downs, would you really need to buy a new bathing suit?

Alright, alright! I have lots of hand me downs for Liam and I still buy him some new clothes simply because I'd like to see something new.

Really, I know I'm just annoyed because I wish that I had at least one more bathing suit that I could trade off with the one I already have.

Still, that would only be two.