Monday, October 26, 2009

Bloody Lips

Liam took a nose dive over the back of the couch and crashed mouth first onto the edge of an empty bucket. He cut the outside of his top and bottom lip and there is a nasty gash on the inside of his bottom lip. Poor baby!

Fortunately, those heal quickly. In the mean time, he is cranky and needy. He woke up at 9:00pm crying. I held him til he fell asleep. When I put him down, he woke up and started to cry again. Jake held him for 10 minutes, then put him down. Liam started whimpering, so Jake gave him his puppy and laid down next to the crib for awhile then moved on the chair.

D'oh! He's up again. Maybe he'll be sleeping with us tonight. Ta-ta!


Today, Kai auditioned for our dance studio's performance team.

During his audition, I was sitting on the porch hanging out with Liam, when the head instructor & owner of the studio, had to step out of the house to chuckle because Kai was so serious about auditioning and getting his look right for the judge. He is always a ham, even when he tries not to be.

He made the team! Woo hoo!

After class, the boys watched a video of a fire knife dancer. Now they understand why they're twirling around sticks with pool noodle pieces on the end - to become a fire knife dancer, which of course they think is beyond cool. I think this will be turning point in their willingness to practice.

Friday, October 2, 2009

He's Grrrreat!

Coby was absolutely thrilled to meet Tony the Tiger!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Crawfish and Cocoa

After manners class, Sis Daines took all the kids from class, and Kai, to the "creek" to go fishing for crawfish. They brought a few back to the playground for all to see.
Liam was far more interested in playing with Cocoa, the puh-pee! Cocoa is a sweetheart and very well behaved. My boys adore playing with her. Coca's owner, Rochelle, loves when Kai and Coby are outside. They help Cocoa get all her energy out before she goes back inside.