Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Coby's Naughty Adventures

Coby is not generally destructive or naughty, but this week he got a hold of a pair of scissors which he used to cut:

  1. several strings of Christmas lights into pieces, we think while they were still plugged in. 
  2. cords of the blinds, in my in laws new house. 
  3. an electric blanket, the dust ruffle and a sheet.

Then today he called the cops, which we only discovered when they showed up at the front door. Oh, boy! The officers had a little talk with him about using 911 for emergencies only. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Joys 12-22

Joy 12
Jamba Juice & Great Harvest
It's become a tradition to stop at Jamba Juice and Great Harvest after an appointment with the doctor. We stop at Great Harvest first for a slice of bread, then off to Jamba Juice for a smoothie. The boys actually look forward to their annual visit for this reason.

Joy 13
Peach Cobbler Bread
To ease their disappointment that I get to visit the doctor monthly, I brought home Peach Cobbler Bread from Great Harvest. This stuff is super tasty!! And the boys were ecstatic: "Oh, mommy! You are the best!", "This is the best stuff ever, Mommy!" "I love this bread, Mommy!", "Mommy, can you please get the recipe from Great Harvest so you can make it for us everday!"

Joy 14
Daily Highlights
To avoid talking about the TV during meal time, we've started discussing the highlights of our day. It has been a wonderful and funny experience. I never know what the boys are going to say, but it really brightens my day and reminds me that really it's the simple things in life that make it wonderful.

Joy 15
Sunflower Market
I love the quality of their produce. I haven't been disappointed yet. And I love the deals I get when I go on Wednesdays. Also they have packaged items that Coby and Liam can eat. Plus the variety of dried fruits and nuts. Jake made home made Cashew butter from cashew we got there. The best thing about this week is that I was able to get a bag of Clementines for only 1.97, instead of 3.99 at other grocery stores.

Joy 16
New bracelet
I got it from my friend Vikki who has started a new business called Hoggard Jewelry. It's the black onyx one. I love it!

Joy 17
Christmas Bonus
Jake got a $500 Christmas bonus! It'll go towards our family Christmas gift of a new couch.

Joy 18
Card making
I went to my friend Wendy's house for project night and we made cards. Woo hoo! I love making cards, but I rarely have time. What I make is really simple unless I've signed up for a card making camp. Wendy had all her supplies out and invited us to use whatever we wanted. So I took this as an opportunity to make some really nice cards without following a pattern. I used my own paper and cards then lots of advice from Wendy and her accessories I was able to make this card.
Pretty, no! Then using a card kit I made these lovelies!! I am so looking forward to another card making night!!

Joy 19
New Furniture
Our couch has been slowly inching it's way to couch heaven for the last couple of years with every marker and food stain. It has served us well these last 6 years, but the other day the back came away from the arm. Good bye couch! While out Christmas shopping we decided to stop at RC Willey to look at couches were available. We actually ended up buying not only a couch but a love seat as well. It was a great deal! Until you add the fabric treatment and delivery, but we are so excited!
Joy 20
Gift Cards
I've read that it's tacky to buy them for people. But if they ask for it, I'm all for it! Woo hoo! I routinely put gift cards on my wish list. I love going to the store and getting exactly what I want.

Joy 21
Polar Express
I had the opportunity to help in Coby's class as they celebrated the Polar Express. The kids came in and practiced for their performance in the assembly. They danced to Inside Out's "Once there were some Snowmen". It was the cutest little dance. Their teacher read them the Polar Express, then we set out cups of hot cocoa at tables set up in the shape of a train. While they went out to play we set up different activities. The kids had a lot of fun. It was fun to meet Coby's friends.
Joy 22
We are on our way to Napa!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Daily Log - Summary

Ok, so what did I learn from this exercise?

I don't spend enough time playing with my boys. Play is child's work.
I'll schedule some game time when Kai gets home from school.

I don't cook. I have a pretty good reason though. I'm starting to feel better so maybe crock pot recipes will soon be an option.

I watch too much TV. I usually do something while watching TV. I work on sewing projects (that don't involve the sewing machine), fold laundry, mop the floor, pick up Liam's toys, read blogs, check out Facebook, etc. . . But lately, by the end of the day, I'm just so exhausted I just want to veg for awhile.

I do a lot. But I can see why some days, it doesn't feel like I did anything. Those are generally the days that I get caught up in all the household stuff, and don't take the time to take care of 5 areas of health: spiritual, emotional, physical, mental, and social health. On days when I do something that affects at least 3 of the 5, I feel really great about my day.

Making Icing Houses

This month the second grade classes have been celebrating Christmas around the world, as well as other December holiday. Today, their adventures took them to Germany where Gingerbread house originated. They made icing houses. Kai had a blast piling on the candy to decorate his icing house.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Daily Log - Thursday

6:30 Get Ready for School

8:45 Dishes
9:15 Sweep
9:35 Google Reader & Facebook
10:00 Shopping list & Farmville
10:30 Laundry and Load car
10:45 To Walmart to shop
12:00 Unload Car
12:15 After school with Coby
1:05 Liam down for a nap & another load of dishes
1:20 Another Load of Laundry
1:45 Update budget and facebook
1:55 Send Coby to Manners class, get out my sewing
2:10 Sewing - 6 body bibs, one scarf, one pillow case
3:30 Spiritual Time
4:00 Pick up Coby from Manners Class, & Socialize
4:45 Pick up more pennies
5:00 Phone calls
5:30 Blog
5:45 bath Liam, strip his bed, clean the bed & start another load of laundry.
6:00 Jake home with Gandolfo's
6:40 Clean up table
6:50 Blog
7:15 Bedtime for Boys
9:00 Boys still awake!!!
10:32 Bed

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Daily Log - Wednesday

6:30 Get Ready for School and Spiritual time

8:30 Pack up car and Leave
9:00 Shop at Sunflower market
9:30 Halau
12:15 Head home
12:45 After school with Coby
2:15 Drop off Coby and Liam for a playdate
2:30 Off to an appointment
4:00 Pick up boys to return home, but socialize instead
4:45 Return home, begin After school with Kai
5:00 Collect pennies with Coby
5:30 Dinner Prep - Meatballs & pasta
6:00 Eat dinner
7:15 Bedtime for Boys
7:30 Companionship Inventory (no that is not code for we had a fight) while Jake folded the whites.
8:30 Watch TV

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Daily Log - Tuesday

7:00 Get ready for school

8:45 Dishes
9:30 Phone Calls
9:45 Load and Scrape Car
10:00 PTA book exchange
10:40 Take papers to recycling dumpster, deliver crib tent
11:00 Snack time & computer catch up
11:30 Spiritual Time
12:00 Journal Time
12:15 After school with Coby
2:00 Make scripture cards - 2010 Primary's monthly scripture
2:30 Halau work - write English pronunciation for Hawaiian lyrics

4:00 Kai's Afterschool Routine
While he did his homework I typed out my hula dance steps.
5:30 After Jake got home I just sorta forgot to record anything else.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Daily Log - Monday

7:00 Get Ready for School

8:45 Dishes
9:30 Unearth Christmas mini tree, wrapping paper, ribbons, and decorations
10:00 Find the crib tent
10:30 Find crib tent instructions
10:45 Spiritual Time
11:15 Journal Time
11:45 After school with Coby
1:45 Pack up hula bags
2:00 Load up the car
2:15 To school to pick up Kai
2:30 Leave for Halau in Orem
3:00 My Tahitian Dance Class
4:00 The boys' Polynesian Dance class. I copied the choreography for a dance the boys are learning.
5:00 To Michael's
5:45 Home
6:00 Dinner
6:30 Watch Nova
7:15 Bedtime for Boys
7:30 Shower
8:00 Prep Kai's homework
8:20 Watch TV with my honey

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Daily Log - Saturday & Sunday

Spent the morning puttering around the house and blogging.
2:30 Head out to the Mall for some Christmas Shopping
4:15 Dinner
4:45 Watch Planet 51
A relaxing day!

6:30 Wake up, get ready, eat breakfast
8:35 Leave for church to set up for nursery
12:15 Head for home & eat lunch
1:40 Meet with new Primary President
2:00 Shovel snow
2:30 Work on the boys tithing slips
3:00 Meet with Bishop for tithing settlement
3:30 Nursery Work
6:00 Dinner
6:30 Watch TV
7:30 Bedtime for Boys
9:00 Beddy bye for me.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Daily log - Friday

6:30Get Ready for School Routine
8:40 Tidy - take out trash, papers into recycling bin, pick up stuff
9:00 Carson comes over, block baby boys into the living room
9:15 Sweep
9:45 Liam down for a nap, load dryer & fold laundry
10:00 Snack time & Facebook
10:15 Dishes and clean the toaster crumb tray, the stove - rings, trays and all, & microwave.
11:00 Budget - input data from each receipt into the appropriate category
11:30 Uh-oh poopy diaper! With leakage, hunt down size 2T pants for Carson
11:45 Bye-bye Carson, Pick up toys

12:15 After school with Coby
plus a quick trip to Walmart - drop off script & look for snow boots
2:20 Facebook
2:45 Write up blog posts, Kevin comes over for a playdate

4:00 Kai comes home, Snack time
4:15 Boys clean up, Liam needs a diaper
4:30 Help Kai compose email to raise money for the Make a Wish Foundation/Penny War
5:00 Help Coby do the same
5:20 Get food ready for Liam
5:30 Put on my pretty face
6:00 Ward Party
7:30 Head home

7:45 Bedtime for Boys

8:30 Watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Joys 1-11

Joy 1 Body lotion
I love body lotion, especially during the winter when my skin is so dry. The ones I love are are creamy coconut, pink grapefruit, mango mandarin, sun ripened raspberry, country apple, black raspberry vanilla, & plumeria from Bath & Body Works, as well as pear glace & vanilla lace from Victoria Secrets.

Joy 2 Blogging
I 'm not the best at keeping my blog updated but I love it when I do. And I sure do love reading everyone else's. It is wonderful being able to keep up with so many friends and family near and far.

Joy 3 My sewing closet is clean!

Joy 4 Clementines
I love oranges, when they are juicy, but that rarely seems to be the case and I hate peeling them. I look forward to December when I can enjoy easy peel and oh so juicy Clementines.

Joy 5 Girl's Night
We went to Happy Sumo! Yum! I haven't been since Coby was less than a year old and we gave him Edamame. We didn't know he was allergic to soy. Whoops! It's always so fun to hang out with the girls. We were pretty silly that night. We talked about being in a band and what instruments we'd play. I'm a back up singer with the tambourine. No, no the cowbell, "I gotta have more cowbell." Then we did tricks, like flaring my nose and making monkey lips. Jill could cross her eyes then make one of them roam around while the other was still looking at her nose. Weird! Then we went to see New Moon, cuz Jen hadn't seen it yet.

Joy 6 My reverent little nursery kids
Today was their first day visiting the primary before they officially move up in January. They were so reverent. It amazed me.

Joy 7 Shoveling Snow
I enjoy shoveling, when I'm not in a rush to get some where. It's very cathartic. The people for the HOA will probably show up to do it tomorrow, but I'm pretty particular about how I like it done. (Falling while in the last trimester with Liam was not fun). So the shovel wide strip provided is NOT enough.

I like to shovel my whole walkway and path around my huge monstrosity of a car. Then I sprinkle ice melt on everything to keep it from freezing over. I also like the traction it provides. I gently shovel a path through the grass to the car to minimize the snow carried into the house by the boys' shoes.

Joy 8 Boys Humor
While playing Slug Bug/Punch Buggie, Coby called out "Yellow punch buggie, frosted". I just laughed. The thing was covered in snow.

Kai told a fabulous joke: Why do reindeer not wear bells? They have horns!

For more examples of their funniness check out any blog post called Silly Boys. If I post more consistently it needs to be that. It's everyone's favorite.

Joy 9 Fleece
I was at Walmart getting winter things. The cheapest scarf was $5. If I got one for everyone that would be $20. I went to the fabric section, found the fleece and was able to get enough fabric for 4 scarves for under $5. Woo hoo! And I all I had to do was cut them. My kind of craft project.

Joy 10 Hula
I decided to try out for my hula studio's performance team. I haven't auditioned for anything since I was 14, and that was pretty laid back. One thing I love about my instructor is that she is exacting. She is always showing us ways to clean up our technique. For auditions, she even uses a scoring sheet. So. . .I was pretty nervous. But, I should have been more confident in my ability, because I rocked my audition.

K, here comes the bragging. In all categories, but three, I scored in the excellent range (7-9 pts). A rare occurrence, I'm told. Oh and the three were 10's. Oh, yeah!! Then I was asked to perform my dance as a solo for the recital in April. Just feels good to know I've still got IT.

Joy 11 Ward Activities
I love going to ward activities and socializing with other members of the ward. Last year, we had to leave the Christmas Party before we even had a chance to sit down. The boys were immediately drawn to the microphone, and made use of it. They knew it was a no-no, and grounds for immediately removal from the party. So we left.

I'm pleased that the boys behaved themselves this year, so we could enjoy a non traditional Christmas dinner from Rumbi Island Grill, and a dessert contest. A sister told us that several people asked if Jake was going to submit a dessert. When told no, some said that they might actually have a chance to win.

Everyone, here's a secret: presentable baking is not Jake's forte! I say presentable because his pies are quite tasty, but if it doesn't look pretty or appetizing, many will pass it up. I love his peach rhubarb pie!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tooth Fairy

Kai lost a tooth last month then accidentally washed it down the drain. He wrote a note to the tooth fairy to explain the situation. With the wave of her wand, the tooth fairy wrote a note with glittery, beautiful cursive. Too bad she mounted it on drawn-on card stock from the scrap paper drawer. Kai noticed. D'oh!

He popped another tooth out today and declared that I was the Tooth Fairy. No surprise that he knows! I guess I'm not very good at maintaining the illusion. I'm wondering how much longer the Easter Bunny has before he's found out! The remainder of our conversation -

M: I guess I don't have to pay you then.
K: Oh, oh, oh! I believe in the tooth fairy, Mommy!
M: I'm teasing Kai! I'll pay you for your tooth, as long as you don't tell Coby.

What did I do today?

At the end of the day are you left wondering "What DID I do today?" I often think that to myself. Sometimes I go through my day, and think I did absolutely nothing. Other days, I feel like I did everything non-fun under the sun. Everyone has good and bad days.

I've always wanted to just write out my days (in painstaking detail, because that how I log), so I can get more perspective, an overall idea of productivity during the week. Dear Reader, I've decided to share my daily logs for one week. To start you off, here are some of my basic routines:

Get Ready for School:
I get up and get ready
Load washer & fold laundry. The boys get dressed, clean their room, & make their bed.
Assist with dental needs (brush teeth, mouth wash, & floss) and give Coby medicine
Make Kai's lunch. The boys get on "whatever is needed to be warm."
Hugs and Kisses good bye & the Boys are gone!

Unload and load the dishes
Hand wash dishes
Wipe down sink, counter, stove top and table

After school with Coby
Wake up Liam & Pick up Coby,
Help Coby with his homework
TV time (1 hour of TV time, if Coby has a green slip)

After school with Kai
Snack time
Hula Practice

Bedtime for Boys
PJs, Family Prayer, and teeth brushing

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Our neighborhood ducks, Donald and Daisy, were hanging out comfortably in the snow this afternoon when I went to pick up Coby. I wish had my camera on me, they were gone by the time I got back. But here'a pic of them with Coby in November.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Layered Pajamas

With our first floor heater our of commission the boys have taken to layering their pajamas.

On top 1) A white shirt, 2) Thin long sleeve shirt, then 3) Sweatshirt. On the bottom three warm and fuzzy pants! They almost look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Coby's first cavity

Until now Coby hasn't needed to have any dental work done. He thought it was so weird that half his face was numb. It was hilarious to watch his face every time he laughed or cried.