Monday, March 29, 2010

Star of the Week Questions

This week Kai is Star of the Week. Last week, he came home with a sheet to fill out for the poster. This is how he answered each question:

My Name:
A. Kai
B. Brocobuomo

Where I was born:
A. Prouvo
B. Calaforyua
C. Hawii

My favorite animal:
cat, dog, sharcs

My favorite book:
A. Sharcs
B. Wile Waka (Willy Wonka)
C. Batman
D. All of them

What I do well:
a. read
B. work out
C. be nice
D. all

My wish:
I cold fly, run fast, be rich, be a inventor

A person I admire:
a. The president
B. My mom
C. My brother

What I like most about school:

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Silly Boys

In the car, we were listening to the song He sent His Son. The first line of the song goes: How could the Father tell the world of love and tenderness? The response from the back  -
C: Tenderness! Mmm, that makes me think of beef. This song always makes me think of beef. Yummy!

On the way to the doctor for the third time this month, Liam sees Sunflower Market and shouts: Apples!! Then when we get to parking lot of the doctor's office: Sucter!!
Well, he certainly knows what treats each location has to share with him. 

Coby brought this home:
At first, I thought he had done it by tracing his name from the front side of the page, but it didn't match up. 

Kai is shoveling Malt O Melt in his mouth and is at imminent danger of wearing it to school.
J: Kai, will you please slow down. You are going to spill. 
C: Yeah, Kai! You need to taste each bite. See! Mmmm!
How awesome would it have been if he had said savor instead. 

Coby was walking around singing:
Hey! Hey! You! You! I am not your boyfriend!
C: I love that song! It's totally stuck in my head!
Has this been a problem? ;)

L: May have fok (fork)? 
M: No
L: Why not? 
First off, can I be impressed with his politeness? this is the youngest the "Why not?" question has been posed in our house. I resist the urge to say "Because I said so, silly boy" and rethought my answer. 
M: It's not dinner time yet. You can have a fork when we have dinner. 
L: Tay!

Waiting in the makeshift dressing room of the assisted living center with Kai:
K: Mommy, what kind of place is this?
M: Well. . . 
K: I know! It's a hotel. 
M: Sure, it's a hotel for older people.

As the boys were getting ready to play Monopoly they were discussing which piece they were going to use: 
J: Remember, I have Forever Dibs on the dog. 
K: Well, I'm going to be the cash bag cuz I'm gonna be rich. 
C: I'm going to be the robber so I can steal your cash bag and always have you with me. 
Since there is no robber piece, Coby opted for the car.
C: I need the car so I can drive away from the bank with the bag of cash. 
Now, here is a boy with a plan!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kai's First Show

Kai is on a show team with his hula studio. Today was his first performance. He and the team entertained the residents of the Charleston at Cedar Hills

During the performance, I was in the holding/dressing room assisting with costume changes, so I wasn't able to get pictures of Kai performing. 

Between dances the kids hung out in the holding area, watching Lilo & Stitch (one of the songs they dance is from the movie), or playing card games.
He said the old people loved them!, Kai enjoyed it and is looking forward to the next one. Afterward, I took him to Hogi Yogi. He ordered an Oreo milkshake. He is so pleased with himself. I know I'm proud of him.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Kai's Teacher's Baby Shower

In preparation for Mrs. Rentschler's baby shower, pictures of the students as babies were posted on the door. At the party, Mrs Rentschler guessed who every one was. I think she guessed Kai right, since his picture is right there as well as our family picture.

What a great class!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Parking Lots

A shopping trip to Costco, on a Saturday, is never complete unless there is that one car that has to wait for a parking space that is as close to the door as possible. There are plenty of spaces available further back, but that just won't do. It doesn't matter that  instead of waiting the individual could have parked and already walked into the store. But why walk so far if you don't have to, right?

Don't get me wrong, I don't want to walk any further than the next guy.  I'd love to park as close as possible, but to be honest, I need any extra exercise I can get and if parking far away is a small way to accomplish that, I'll do it. Here's my strategy for parking:

1a) Park on a lane that does not have the crosswalk.
When I'm done shopping, I want to leave. I don't want to wait for the masses as they trickle out of the store. It annoys me.

2) Park facing in the direction of the exit.
There are always those who do not use the crosswalk. Is it just me or do those people always seem to walk as slow as possible? I find it best to avoid the front of the store all together.

3) Park near a cart corral.
I like to return my cart to a designated location. Not that I haven't left a cart between parking spaces before, whether it was due to inclement weather or my own laziness. So that I don't have an excuse, I park as close to a corral as possible. I feel like I'm being a responsible. I tell the boys to put their things away when they are done with them, so I should do the same.

Do you have a parking strategy?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Utah Accent

My first semester at the Y, I had a classmate from Provo. While learning about chemistry together, she taught me some basics about the Utah accent, like:
s'eat = let's eat
m'on = come on
m'ere = come here
moun'in= mountain
traysure= treasure.

When she gave me this quick overview, I never thought bits and pieces would become a part of my own speech or that of my children. I honestly didn't think I'd be in Utah long enough to have children growing up here or even think of it as home.

I think it's so cute when Liam says to us "M'on!" when he wants to play "Hide n' Seek" under the blankie with Jake or when he wants us to go some where with him, generally up or down the stairs.

And I had to chuckle at the little boy in Coby's class, who corrected me when I pronounced his name Hunter, like it's spelled. He said "Everyone says my name wrong. It's Hunner!"

Oh, but there was the time Kai said "Fan nuh", when choosing a soda from Subway's drink fountain. I laughed on the inside, but reminded him that there was indeed a T in FanTa.

I guess I'm not completely ready to switch to the Utah vernacular.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ho'ike 2010

Our dance recital is coming up. . .

Friday, April 30th
5:30 - 6:30 p.m.
Orem Senior Friendship Center

Kai and Coby are excited to show off the dances they have been working on all year.
I'm excited to be doing a solo. You are all welcome to join us for an evening of Polynesian Dancing.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Week

For Teacher Appreciation Week, I made some cards:

Thank you, Mrs. Naylor

Gift set of monogrammed cards

Thank you, Mrs. Rentschler

A card for Mrs. R's baby shower, this Friday.
I just need to add the word baby in pink. 
which would require finding my ink pad. 

I made some extra monogrammed ones, 
but left them blank to add a W or thank you later. 

And fun ones like this:
Kai is using one to thank Bro. Van Why
 for giving him a coupon for a Jamba Juice. 

I was a card making machine on Friday. 

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sick Day Art

When Kai and Coby were home sick on last Tuesday, they asked to play with the pipe cleaners. Here's what they came up with: 
Robin and Batman are riding on their pet shark. Robin jumped onto the rocket activating Batman's gun. There were some waves. And there was a worm riding with Batman. Poisonous Ivy was hiding under the shark & made it turn into a tree.  But Batman & Robin made it turn back into a shark. They used Poisonous Ivy's wand. They stole it.

Then Batman & Robin got into the Batmobile. Batman played Batman Lego at the Bat cave. He went to sleep. Alfred, & Batgirl & Batman & Robin were in bed, but Batman was faking sleeping. So he got out of bed.

It was already morning, so Batgirl, & Robin got up with Alfred. Then they did another mission. Now Joker was up to something else. Batman tool care of that, & Batgirl and Robin.

Here's Kai's art: a big group of people stapled to a piece of paper.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Silly Boys

Jake has been sporting a goatee.
Liam loves to tickle Jake's chin and say "Fuzzy!"

During a meal prayer, Coby started laughing. After the prayer:
M: Coby why were you laughing, that isn't very reverent.
C: I couldn't help it Mommy, the lunch bag looks so funny!
M: What?
I walk around the table and this is what I found:

Did you know that if you have fire you can kill the spinies?
It is amazing how much of the day is spent discussing Super Mario Bro. Wii

At the park,
C: Mama, when I drink hot things my heart beating goes up, and my cough/sore throat goes down. And when I have cold stuff it makes my heart beating go down and my cough go up.
He's been requesting warm apple cider at every meal.

While playing with blocks, Kai was singing a new version of American Woman, it's called American Chicken:
American Chicken, get away from me
American Chicken, just let me be
Don’t come knockin’ around my door
Don’t wanna see your shape no more
Although you can hypnotize
Go, gotta get away, gotta get away
You’re no good for me.
Creating a shark gun,
C: A gun has to have a trigger. Otherwise, it would just look like an armadillo.

After getting his new jammies on, Liam came down stairs rubbing his belly.
L: So tute! I so tute!    (tute=cute)

I wake up and tell Jake that my throat is sore and my nose is stuffy.
J: Sounds like "up dog"?
M: What?
J: Up dog.
M: What's up dog?   D'oh!!

Coby at breakfast
C: Mmmm. . . mommy this is delicious. The crunch is wonderful. I didn't know that pineapple and cheese could be so yummy together. I'm going to gobble it all up.
M: I'm glad you like your "Hawaiian" Breakfast Pizza.
Some of the ham slides around and reveals BBQ sauce.
C: Ew! Moma it has hot sauce on it. This is not good. I'm full!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Macey's Field Trip

Coby went on a field trip to Macey's. He was thrilled to get some vanilla and chocolate swirl ice cream.


My friend Tiff tagged me. This is my first one, I think, so here I go.

  1. I like my toes being painted.
  2. I like working on various craft projects.
  3. I like to read blogs.
  4. I like Facebook.
  5. I like purple, yellow and orange.
  6. I like massages.
  7. I like making cards (I made a bunch today)
  8. I like watching the CSI shows.
  9. I like cleaning.
  10. I like playing games.
I love Jake and the boys!
Today is Friday
  1. I hate my finger nails to be painted.
  2. I hate cold weather.
  3. I hate lima and green beans. 
  4. I hate when directional signals are not used while driving.
  5. I hate when people blab information shared in confidence.  
  6. I hate peach yogurt.
  7. I hate early mornings
  8. I hate the darkly lit labs in the CSI shows.
  9. I hate cleaning bath tubs.
  10. I hate losing.
I love the Gospel!

I secretly like to watch Keeping up with the Kardashians while folding laundry at night in my room. I don't know why. I shake my head most of the time, wondering why I watch it. 

I'm tagging Michelle Cluff, Rachel Child, Vikki Hoggard, Nannette Frost, and Melanie Jenny because I know you all read my blog but never comment. Yeah! Yeah! I'm guilty of non comments. I'm working on it. 

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Window. . .

a place for Liam:
 to snack

to play,

 to share a drink

or to have his friend Po see a friend from afar.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

So the plan was to make rainbow cupcakes, but the boys requested I make a regular cake and leave a piece for the Leprechaun. Here's how it turned out: 
It was supposed to be layers of colors, 
not a marble Mardi Gras Swirl, 
but with the Orange whipped topping and Red strawberries, 
the rainbow was complete.
I also left him a bottle of Jones Green Apple Soda.
He must have enjoyed his snack, he left us a pot of gold, 
under a RAINBOW chain.

Coby and I enjoyed a piece of rainbow cake for breakfast.
(Ssh! Don't tell Kai. He didn't get his piece until lunch).

For lunch, Coby asked for Green Eggs and Ham.
It just wouldn't be St. Patrick's Day without them. 

Kai brought home a leprechaun trap he made at school today. Even though he knows I'm the leprechaun he is convinced that he will be able to catch the leprechaun tonight, so he can get a real pot of gold and buy all the video games and food he wants.  :) For the bait he used spiced gum drops and Werther's candy. The cups hold water. When the leprechaun knocks them over to get to the bait, he'll be trapped. Muah ha ha!

The day was beautiful, so when Coby's 24 hour confinement was done we went outside to play. The boys shared their pot of gold with the neighborhood kids. 

The beef is still corning, we had a hard time finding juniper berries, so we'll have corned beef for dinner another night. 

All in all a great St. Patrick's Day. How was yours?

BTW: More pictures of the cake: Uh, just cuz. :) 

Kai's St. Patrick Day Class Party

Evidence of the leprechaun's shenanigans

Oh, no! The leprechaun made it to Kai's desk too

Ever industrious, Kai built a trap to catch him. 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Coby has had a sore throat since Saturday. I didn't really think anything of it. Well, except I thought it was strange that after spending some time playing at the Clements house he went straight to bed when we got home.

Aside from his sore throat, he appeared and acted fine on Sunday and Monday. But he went to bed last night saying his throat hurt so I decided to take him to the doctor today. Just to be sure. Good thing!

Since they weren't going to school, I didn't bother to wake Coby. The boys have always been early risers, so I was surprised that Coby slept in til 9:00. When he came down for breakfast, his face was all poofy.  Uh oh!

While waiting for the doctor to see him his face started to get all red and splotchy. Poor kid. The nurse did a swab of his throat and he said "I like swabs". He did until she actually did it.

The doctor decided to give Coby a shot. He usually does ok with shots, but this one was a doozy for him. He was such a trooper. He doesn't like rubbing it and he's been limping. We'll be homebound until tomorrow afternoon.  I was very jealous of all the moms hanging out at the park today. It was a beautiful day!

Since Kai has a lingering cough, he had an appointment as well. He checked out ok, but, of course, he's at risk to catch strep.  While there I noticed Liam had nasty eye boogies, so I asked the doc to take a quick look at him. Looks like he has a sinus infection.  Kai and Liam were lucky and simply received a script for oral antibiotics.

Are my kids the only ones who LOVE to take medicine? Liam asks for it every morning. I've never had a problem giving them oral meds. Eye drops are another story.


I shouldn't complain. It's my own fault.

I'm the one who stayed out passed 1:00 on Friday. I love project night. I completed a number of pages for Kai's binder while watching Persuasion and 39 Steps.
The morning brought a wake up call at 8:00. Mmmm. . . thanks, honey! Breakfast was delicious.

Saturday night, again I chose to stay up until Jake got home (almost 1:00) from a RPG activity his students' order put together. He had a great time!! So did I! I made music flashcards for nursery so the kids could choose different songs during music time. On the back of each picture are the words of the songs:
Although we were aware of daylight savings time, we forgot to set our clocks forward. We were running a little behind all morning. But we were certain that come bedtime, we'd be out by 10:00. Ha! 

Monday night we made it to bed on time. Woo hoo, us! However, I made the mistake of drinking a Coke after 5:00. D'oh. From 10-11, I slept soundly. I woke up then went back to "not quite asleep" sleep, then Liam woke up at 1:45  We snuggled in a chair for about 20 minutes. I thought he was asleep and set him back in bed.  Nope! He threw quite the tantrum. I wish I could figure out how to post a video of a tantrum similar to the one he pulled when I left. 

Jake and I each took a turn sending him back to bed, then we just gave up. But from 2-4 none of us slept. Since I hadn't been sleeping anyway, I took Liam downstairs to watch TV. After an hour of Challenge, he was out. Too bad I couldn't fall asleep. : ( All it took was a watching a steak Challenge. I prefer the cake and pastry Challenges. That was around 5:30. Jake and Kai came down for breakfast at 6:30. And thus begins a new day.

Maybe I'll get some decent sleep tonight. 

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Silly Boys

While I make dinner, the boys practice the dances they've learned in their halau (dance school). Whenever, I ask the boys to get their implement bags for "hula practice", Liam runs to the garage, shouting "hooo-la". He then spends the next half hour playing with the boys mock fire knives and tititorea (maori sticks).

One of the dances the boys are learning is the haka Ka Mate. This is by far the boys favorite dance. It's the last dance they practice and it is the loudest. Even Liam joins in at the end with his own little pukana >

One morning, while waiting for breakfast, Coby was playing with his toys chanting in a Robot/Wall-e voice:
Ka mate, ka mate! ka ora! ka ora!
Ka mate! ka mate! ka ora! ka ora!
Tēnei te tangata pūhuruhuru
Nāna nei i tiki mai whakawhiti te rā
Ā, upane! ka upane!
Ā, upane, ka upane, whiti te ra!

For lunch on Monday, I sent Kai with money.
K: Mommy, do you know what I had for lunch today?
M: Nope, tell me about it.
K: I had a pizza. Did you know that green beans are really good, especially if you sprinkle them on top of a pizza and fold it up like a taco? Mommy, you have to try it. It is SO good!! I had it on a cheese pizza. It was the best! Coby, you should try it.
C: Yuck!
M: I'm glad you enjoyed your green beans Kai. (I was cringing on the inside though, ew!)

Coby asked Jake how he could get the peas off the tines of his fork. Jake showed him how to scrape the fork on the edge of the bowl. After trying it, Coby said incredulously, "It actually worked".

C: Why do I have a big cough?
M: I dunno
C: It feels like I have squirrels in my pants. (S.I.M.P)

Kai comes down dressed up as Bumblebee.
K: Mommy, what's my name?
M: Bumblebee.
K: But what's my name?
M: Bumblebee
Kai comes down wearing a gas mask and a hooded cloak.
K: Mommy, what's my name?
M: Uh, I don't know
Coby comes down wearing a gas mask and a hooded cloak.
C: Who am I?
M: I dunno
Kai comes down as himself.
K: Mommy we tricked you!! We dressed up to see if you tell if it was me or Coby. But you didn't know. Ha!

At lunch,
K: My palette tastes everything.
C: My palette likes beef.
L: Meef, wann mow meef!! Beef, Want more beef!

Liam's flavor of the week: Arm & Hammer Deodorant- Active Sport with a hint of 1% Cortizone cream.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ladies Home Journal

One of my mission companions is a freelance writer and frequently asks for help with various articles. On one particular occasion, it was an article about passing on one’s cultural heritage. I answered some questions, and after some paring and editing my comment was printed in the November 2009 issue of the Ladies Home Journal.

It was nice to be able to help out a friend with something I actually feel pretty passionate about. Here's the process:

­ Wed, 1 Jul 2009

So, I was reading through your blog and came upon something that could be totally helpful to me. I'm working on a story for Ladies' Home Journal magazine about teaching your kids about their culture (or about other cultures), and I saw how you have Kai taking hula class. Awesome! Would you mind if I asked you a couple questions about that?

  1. How long has he been taking hula? One year
  2. How old is he now? 6, he'll be 7 in August
  3. And do you think it helps him connect with his/your Hawaiian culture? I do. When I say that we are Hawaiian, he has a better understanding of what that means now.
  4. Was that part of the purpose of having him do hula, or was it more just, hey, it's fun? Both.
  • My father taught me the Hawaiian language. Unfortunately, he passed away when I was young and I no longer had that daily instruction. Consequently, I forgot what he taught me. My mother, a haole (foreigner), was determined that I maintain that connection, so she signed me up for hula lessons. Even though it was hard work, I thought it was fun.
  • I want Kai to have the same connection to his heritage. Aside from the language, there wasn't anything tangible that I could pass on regarding our culture, heritage, or history that would be meaningful, except hula.
  • It will also allow Kai to have a talent/skill that provides an opportunity to be onstage or the center of attention, which he thrives on (He's a ham!). He'll be working this summer to improve his technique to audition for the performance group. It is something that he can do that not many of his friends can.

Thu, 2 Jul 2009

Oh, you're awesome, that's exactly what I wanted to know. So it sounds like you're still active in hula. Do you teach it? Or take lessons? Also, where are you guys living now? Are you in Pleasant Grove?

Kai and I take lessons from the same halau, hula school, in south Orem. He has lessons on Monday, and I go on Wednesdays. We do still live in Pleasant Grove. It's a little bit of a drive, but so worth it

Fri, 10 Jul 2009

Hey, Michelle, I had to boil down what you said to, like, one or two sentences, which will be included in a sidebar at the end of the article. So I had to edit, but does this sound okay?

My 6-year-old son and I both take hula lessons from a nearby hula school. Not only does it let Kai be the center of attention (he’ a ham!), but now when I say that we are Hawaiian, he has a better understanding of what that means.

Here's what actually appeared in LHJ>

When it was published, several of my neighbors received comments, on Facebook, from their friends about my quote. I felt famous. ;) But this was a really fun experience for me.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Manic Monday

Monday are always a little hectic due to Post Weekend Clean Up, but this morning was crazier than usual. From 6:15 - 8:00, the following occurred:
  1. Jake & Kai digging in the clean laundry for pants & socks (while I'm sleeping)
  2. Liam stark naked in his bed, and a wet spot on the chair
  3. Liam dumping rice on the floor
  4. Feeding Kai breakfast (Jake usually does)
  5. Coby tirades that "It's not fair", when he goes into his room to pick up the toys Liam dumped out, but all he needed to do was turn off the light.
  6. Coby throws a tantrum about the inability to get his socks.
  7. Liam dumps adobo on himself, his chair and the floor.
These events lead me to
  1. sort the basket of colors
  2. wash a load of clothes and clean the chair.
  3. sweep the kitchen floor (actually Jake did)
  4. not make Kai's lunch, so I sent him with lunch money. You'll have to read about his lunch experience in the Silly Boys post
  5. load the dishwasher, and hand wash dishes.
  6. sort the basket of whites
  7. sweep the dining room floor, and vacuum Liam's chair (and the rugs).
The upside to the craziness is that I was able to get most of my chores plus some extras done before 8:00. Extra free time. Woo hoo!

P.S. I think it's funny that I have two Manic Monday posts in March of last year. I guess March Madness comes in a different form at my house.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Silly Boys

While eating breakfast burritos on Sunday, Kai says "These are just like breakfast burritos"

At the park, Coby heard a baby crying.
C: Momma, was that baby #4 crying?
M: Uh! No Coby, he's still in Mommy's belly.
He kisses my belly every morning before he heads off to school.

Liam got into a bottle of methylene blue, it stains things blue. You know shirts, pants, mouths and urine. At the same time, he got into a bottle of phenolphathaleine (a laxative). Why do we have these products? To surprise a lunch thief.

As I was cleaning that mess, Liam high tailed it down stairs, and took the bottle of vinegar spray that Coby using to clean. You may wonder how Liam was able to get it from him, well Coby was staring at the wall at the time. At least, that's what Coby told me.

At dinner-
K: Daddy, I overheard you say that you put red pepper flakes in the sauce. It adds flavor.
C: Yeah! It adds a burst of hotness to my mouth.

The boys love to put on a performance whenever someone stops by. This week's act included stair jumping. "Wanna see how many stairs I can jump over?"

Friday, March 5, 2010


Our friends, the Clements, have a huge hill in their back yard. With all the wonderful snow today, they invited us over to sled.

Liam and I tried to get to the top, 
ut I got stuck half way up sinking into the mud.
I sent Liam down once. He loved it.

He ate snow,
expressed his displeasure at having snow on his little fingers, and
watched everyone else and found things to do.

Coby and Tyler went down between some trees.
They got stuck, but that didn't stop them from finishing their "run" through the trees.
Instead of falling backwards to make a snow angel, Coby went face first.

An ostrich in the snow???
Snowball! Snowball! Mommy wins!
That's a mighty snow cone.

We had a blast!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Birthday Fun for Liam

Liam loves big fluffy stuffed animals. He is always trying to take:
  • Fluppy - Coby's puppy (he's a floppy puppy), 
  • Gator - Kai's alligator 
  • Spot - Jake's puppy (he has hearts on his back)
  • Quacky - My Duck (although he's not a big body pillow type stuffed animal)
For his birthday, I took Liam to Walmart to pick one out.
We welcome Ferdinand the Frog to the family. 

He loves Ferdie! And couldn't wait to take a nap with him.

Liam loved his angel food cake topped with strawberries and whipped topping.

Liam enjoyed opening his presents from Grammy.
He looks adorable in his new clothes. His favorite is his "Fuzzy" jacket.
The remote control puppy is loads of fun!
Thanks, Grammy!

Monday, March 1, 2010

2 years

Wow! How the time flies! I can't believe Liam is already two. He is an amazing little boy.

He loves

his brothers: Dai Dai and Bowby.
He kisses them good bye each morning, and looks forward to them coming home every afternoon.
He would rather be where ever they are when they are home.
to brush his teeth and take a baff (bath)

to go a-side (outside) to pay (play)
when his friend Tarsen (Carson) comes over to play
to wake up at 5:30 to snuggle with us.
to read books
footwear, but not "tocks"
to sit in his toy buckets
to ride in the bye-bye (car)
puppies and puhpees
to help
to climb out of his crib, out of the living room, onto his play center or shopping cart, etc.
loves to sleep, and will do so anywhere.

He is
  • conscientious about throwing away his trash, turning off the lights, and closing doors.
  • quick to comment on bodily functions: farts = Ew!, burps = tuse you, sneezes = bess you
  • very friendly. He says hello to everyone.
  • polite. He says mease/pease and tank tew.
  • agreeable. Most of the time, when he is he says Yeahya! or Tay! It is really cute because he is so enthusiastic about it.
There is so much more to say!
We sure do love having Liam as part of our family.
Happy Birthday Liam!! We love you!