Friday, April 30, 2010

Silly Boys

Eating Malt o Meal Muffins -
K: I taste Seminoles
M: It tastes like Indians?
J: He said "cinnamon rolls"
I guess that's really a Silly Mommy moment

While waiting at the Firestone for Jake to drop off his car for reapair -

C: I think that's Abraham Lincoln's House
M: It is a log cabin
C: But I'm not sure
I just thought that was cute.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

How ya feeling??

You Friends watchers, remember the episode when Monica is catering at Dr. Burke's (Richard)? I want to remind you specifically of this conversation:

Monica: I've been great, just great. How have you been? [tilting her head]
Dr. Burke: Oh, well obviously you know Barbara and I split up, otherwise you wouldn't have done the head tilt.
Monica: The head tilt?
Dr. Burke: Yeah, since the divorce, when anybody asks me how I am, it's always with a sympathetic head tilt. [demonstrating] 'How ya doin'? You OK?'
Monica: I'm sorry.
Dr. Burke: No no, it, it's fine, believe me. I do it too. I always answer with the 'I'm OK' head bob. [demonstrates] 'I'm OK.' 
[tilts head] 'You sure?' 
[bobs head] 'Yeah, I'm fine.' 

I've noticed a similar phenomenon while pregnant:
Someone: (So) How are you feeling? [head tilting] 
Me: Pregnant [shoulder shrug]

Has anyone else noticed this?

As per Carrian's request, here's an update on my pregnancy:
I'm still pregnant ;)
Friday, I'm performing in 6 dances at our hula studio dance recital. 
Saturday, I'll be 35 weeks.
I have heart burn everyday, which I ease by taking antacids and eating ice cream.
(I'm getting my dairy fix before I may be deprived of it)

Not much else to report. 
I'm not sure what you'd want to know anyway 

If there are any specifics you want to know, ask me.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mommy's Little Helper

This morning while washing dishes, I splashed some water on the floor. I was going to wipe it up when I was finished with the dishes. While my back was turned, Liam came into the kitchen. Imagine my surprise when I turned to find him doing this:
Awww! Thank you, sweet boy!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

21 to go

remaining drafts that is. Not bad for a two week period.

Silly Boys

Playing in the turtle sandbox-
K: Can you tell how old this turtle is by counting his rings?
J: That only works with real turtles.
K: No, no look! It has one, two, three rings. It must be 3 years old.

Liam's new past time: running around in circles until he falls down.

A few weeks ago, on our way to hula lessons, the boys were singing their own lyrics to Iron Man. Each new verse was based on whatever they saw as we drove along:

  • I am Ice Cream Man, scooping up ice cream as fast as I can. 
  • I am IHOP man flipping pancakes as fast as I can. 
  • I am McDonald's man eating burgers as fast as I can.
  • I am Dealership man driving cars as fast as I can.
  • I am Burrito man eating burritos as fast as I can.
I wish I could remember some of the other verses because they were hilarious. 

Friday, April 23, 2010

Car Seat Canopy Tutorial

I was very excited when a friend in the neighborhood who makes car seat canopies, said she would be willing to to teach a class on how to make them. Woo hoo!

It was fun shopping for fabric. For this project, I was looking for something that had red and black, this baby's colors. I generally shop at Walmart, Joann, or the Fabric Mill, but I just couldn't find anything that jived with my personality and the color scheme. So I branched out and went to American Quilting in Orem. 

Too many cute fabrics!!!! I could spend a small fortune there. So many projects ran through my mind, it was hard to focus on the task at hand, but I found my red and black fabric, and a cute contrasting fabric for the baby to enjoy. 

Materials you'll need:

1 yard for the outside
1 yard for the inside
1/4 yard for the handles (she uses the outside fabric for the handles)
sewing machine
measuring tape
buttons or bows/flowers for decoration
sewing needle

I'm lazy,  instead of writing my own tutorial, I borrowed some of it from While they Sleep.

We did straps instead of ribbons. Cut 4 rectangles of 3 inches x 8 1/2 inches of your handle fabric. Place wrong sides together, sew around on 3 sides, leaving one short side open to turn the fabric.  Turn the strips right side out, turn the open short side in, and iron flat.   Topstitch all the way around, closing the opening.  Do this to the remaining strap.

Sew on the velcro.  Place the hook/rough side on the inside of the strap and sew on.  Place the loop/soft side on the opposite end of the strap, on the opposite side of the strap.  

Place the two straps with the hook/rough velcro side facing up pointing towards the front of the blanket. Sew straps on: a rectangle with an x through the middle will provide plenty of support.  

If you want a reversible canopy cut an extra set of straps. Match the placement of the inside straps that of the outside straps, pin through all layers. As you sew, make sure the bottom straps do not get twisted. 

Add embellishments as desired. Keep in mind that some embellishments do not do well in the wash. Using crafting glue, I added buttons to my straps to mimic the dots. 

Cute, no?!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I love getting together with other moms and discussing the various things we do to help our homes run smoothly and to teach our children life skills. Recently, we discussed chores. 

I'll admit that previously our attempts at chores and house cleaning together as a family were a failure. The blame would fall mostly on me for that. Growing up we would clean Saturday mornings for a chunk of time, so I tried doing that with the boys. What was I thinking?! What I failed to consider is that we were older than my boys, and that it was not a particularly pleasant experience then either. 

I felt like a chicken with it's head cut off because I was constantly running around trying to help one boy, do my chore, then helping another boy or trying to keep Liam out of the way.  It was exhausting and overwhelming for me and the boys. Nothing really seemed to get done and it just wasn't with the yelling and tantrums and frustration. We'd do it one week then I'd wait until I felt fortified enough to do again. Gack! 

A few months ago, we started a chore chart.

1) A list of chores I thought the boys could easily do, or that I wanted to teach them: 
  • wiping the walls, doors, baseboards, 
  • dusting the blinds, light fixtures, furniture
  • cleaning the windows, plugs & light switches, door knobs, and bathrooms
  • taking out the trash
2) At the beginning of the month, the boys choose their chores. I give them 5 minutes to trade chores.

3) A chart of the chores and the rooms in the house, made in Excel, posted on the wall. The boys choose a color then I color code the chore labels.

4) The boys have 15 minutes each day, except Sunday, to complete any of their chosen chores.

This gives me the opportunity to teach each boy individually without having my attention divided. So I try to make myself available during those 15 minutes so that if they need my help I can. Like with washing the walls or doors, I do the top while they do the bottom. Or the bathroom, they clean the the toilet, while I clean the mirror & sink. So I don't sound like a slave driver, they want to clean the toilet. Well, the inside of it anyway. They love using the scrubby brush. 

An added benefit is that we chat about their day. I really enjoy being able to spend that quality time getting to know them and their interests. 

Some chores like cleaning the doorknobs or light switches, they can do on their own. 

5) An instant reward, when each room is complete.
If they complete all their chores before the month is over, they have an extra 15 minutes of play time or Mommy-Me Time.
How do you handle chores? 

Monday, April 12, 2010


I'm going through my list of posts, and again I have so many that are in the draft stage.

How does this happen?
1. I have so many ideas of things I want to post about, so I start a post, but . . .
2. I have so little time to compose my thoughts on those topics in a intelligible way.
3. Because an interesting blog has photos. I like to crop and resize, which takes up what time I have. Grrr!

I had a delusional hope that during spring break while the boys were out playing with the neighborhood kids, I'd get caught up. Ha! So here's to committing to only starting a post that I can finish in a timely fashion, a week. If it's not done within the week deadline then to the trash it goes.

At least, I'm doing well on the Silly Boys posts. Woo hoo!

46 drafts: 4 down, only 42 more to go.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Goodbye Little Ones

I knew my calling as Nursery Leader would be coming to an end fairly soon, but I was still caught off guard when it become official. I thought I had until May.

It has been such an enjoyable experience being with the kids in Nursery. Although they can be a handful at times, they really are a delight to be around! It's fun watching them play in table forts, chair tents, on table slides, and go on nature walks.

It's so cute to watch them get their little chairs all lined up for "gathering time" so we can greet each other with a big wave and a hello, meet a visitor and share what we know about nursery manners, then transition to music time. Sis. Sheryl Osterud does a fabulous job with the kids. They learn so much through song.

I'm grateful to the parents and their support. It makes me happy to hear from them that the kids love nursery and look forward to it each week.

The main reason for their enjoyment are the teachers. I feel truly blessed to have worked with such wonderful and dedicated people (Megan & Trent Lloyd, Ariel & Mick Bennion, and Brekke & Bill Felt). They are the heart of the nursery.

I'm sad to be leaving these sweet little spirits and watching their testimonies grow each week, but I feel great about turning the reins over to the Lloyds (the new leaders), who are so nurturing, and thoughtful. They will be terrific leaders!

Now on to Ward Directory Specialist. . .

Silly Boys

Liam dumped some beads on the floor. I asked him to pick them up. He said "Tay" then proceeded to pick a bead up put it in his mouth then spit it into the container.

At a friend's house, Coby informed his friend's mom that Indigo in ROYGBiV does not really exist. It's just a made up color, so you can say ROYGBiV. There was a discussion about that until his friend piped up and said that there are leprechauns, or was it gold, at the end of the rainbow.
C: Now, that's totally true!!

During lunch
C: Kai, I'm sensing something. There is a ghost in Sister Daines walls.
K: If we lived in OddVille, things would be odd. You would eat toys. Toys would be food.

After eating Ramen Noodles:
K: What a delicious meal! Especially because I made it. Or should I say was that Good Eats?

While shopping at Walmart, Liam discovered his evil laugh. Mwahhh!

After Ruff Ruffman,
K: Can I be on the Ruff Ruffman Show?
M: I'll look and see. . . Ok, you have to be 9 and live in Boston.
C: Mommy, after you have the baby, can we moved to Boston near Tommy so we can be on Ruff Ruffman?
K: So only one more year until I can be on.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


K: I can't wait to get into scouts, than Daddy won't have to spend any time teaching my how to shoot guns.

And, once I've mastered scouts, I'm going to go to culinary school, which is where you learn to make food.

C: When I pass driving school, I'm going to be a scientist and invent robots. I'll do myth stuff, and lots of cool things, like make toys for myself. 

Sewing Night - Black Apple Doll

This is the first time I've gone to our neighborhood sewing night. Looks like each hostess offers a project that she has completed for us to try or you can use the time to complete your own project, like a card table tent, skirts, etc. . .

This month the project offered is a Black Apple Doll, made from scrap fabric so each doll is one of a kind. Woo hoo! I've got a bunch and I've been trying to think of ways that I can use it.

The tutorials:
Tutorial 1
Tutorial 2 #7 is the hardest step. Make sure the a small portion of the limbs overhangs the edge of the body, so that when you sew, the seam will be sure to catch each limb.
Tutorial 3

Here's mine:

The dolls I've seen have had sleeping eyes. I gave mine googly eyes because it was easier than drawing it on. Notice I haven't yet added the nose and mouth. I'm afraid to mess it up. I'm impressed with how well it turned out. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it since I don't have any girls. The boys think it's cute. May favorite part: her waving hand.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Silly Boys

Coby came home with a massive concrete piece in his backpack,
M: Why do you have a concrete piece in your bag?
C: It's a magical stone. 
M: Oh! Where did you get it from? 
After lots of hemming and hawing, and claiming Kai broke it off 
C: From Sister Daines building. 
Janae, did you know your building was magical?

Liam's favorite activity of the week: decorating his room with wipes, every time he has been left in his room to take a nap. Or taking diapers out of his drawer or climbing into his play pen and cranking up the heater. 

Playing with one of Liam's Easter toys,
K: Coby, you can't take the shovel of truth