Saturday, July 31, 2010

Silly Boys

Coby swears Liam took this picture
except these are Liam's toes.

At a birthday party, Coby was offered a hot dog -
C: Can I have that without the bun?
a reasonable request, he is allergic to them
A mom: Do you have $5? ;)
C: Oh, yeah! I left it in the car.
Sweetie, this isn't Disneyland.

The birthday party was dog themed. As part of the activities the kids went to dog obedience training, a fun obstacle course. The trainer would ask the dogs to a variety of activities, calling the "dogs" to attention. Coby  asked if he could be a kitty instead, then the boys requested that they be called the Pikachu Brothers. They like to follow the beat of their own drum.

Kai's Pizza Diagram
Mmm. . . pumpkin seeds.

Liam dipped his french fries in ketchup, bit off the end, set the rest of the fry aside, then got a new one to dip. No double dipping for this little boy.

Buzz-Buzz Busy Bees has a sound chip in it of . . . buzzing bees.
While flipping through the book Liam recognized the duck, dog and cow. As the bees buzzed on the cow page, he Mooooozzzz'd along with it.

While doing his homework, Coby came across the problem 6+6 -
C: I know the answer is either 11 or 12 because sometimes when I play monopoly and  one has a 6 and another has a 6 it adds up to either 11 or 12. 
M: Coby, it can only be one.
C: Oh! Well then it's 12.

Out of the blue-
K: Hopes of getting money are on the horizon
K: $5 for watermelon, what a rip off. . . for a cat.

Liam found this 
and immediately applied it to his chest.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lint Pickin'

We're actually potting training but picking lint is what Liam spends most of his time doing.
I couldn't actually show him picking lint, now could I?

Potty training was a disaster with Kai, due to my impatience and temper. We started when he was 2+, he had shown interest, but he didn't finish until just before kindergarten started. With Coby we decided to wait  until he was older, which worked. This time around I've been less frustrated.

Generally, my problems with potty training have been: 1) remembering to take the boy to the potty, 2) sitting there waiting for him to do something. It seems to take FORever.

Liam was showing all the signs of readiness, but I had no intention of potty training right now, since it's recommended not to do so during a transition period, like a new baby in the home. However, Liam was asking to go potty at least once a day.

I decided to take him to the potty when I went, to get him accustomed to the idea and serve as a reminder to myself that he needed to go. He sat on his. I sat on mine.  He has graduated from his little potty to the toilet, and he asks to go throughout the day.

To avoid getting angry because I felt like I was spending an eternity waiting for something to happen, I finally got smart and set a timer. When it goes off, Liam says "Times Up!" and hops down to wash his hands. It works most of the time. Not an everyday or several times a day battle. Phew!

So with my issues resolved, we move forward at a snail's pace. :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I do so wish I could take the advice: Take a nap when your baby is napping.

I say how??  Here are my difficulties in taking a nap:

  1. Napping generally gives me a headache. 
  2. Coordinating nap times. Liam goes down at 1:00. DJ isn't on a fixed schedule. So he may sleep sometime between 12:30-2:30. 
  3. Household chores don't get done by itself. 
  4. Two other children - who it seems cannot be trusted 
  5. I feel rested, I stay up late, so I feel tired the next day. Vicious Cycle.
I really haven't had an opportunity to take a nap during the week, until today. Liam went down for a nap on time, DJ was fed and on his way to La-La Land, mid day pumping was complete, the dishes were done, the laundry was sorted, and the boys didn't need anything.Woo hoo! I can take a nap.

I told the boys that I was going to take a nap from 2-3.They did a fantastic job of being quiet and waiting patiently for 3:00.

At 3:01, they burst into my room "Mommy, can I have a snack?" Instant headache. "Sure!" Then I just laid in bed. Liam was still asleep and I foolishly hoped that I could sleep a little longer. Nope, they fought over the snacks. Coby stole Kai's treats. The front door became a revolving door. In and out. So I got up and was a grouchy bear. What I was trying to avoid.

When Jake got home he discovered globs of Salt Water Taffy on the curb and the side of the Suburban. Grr!
Why do they feel the need to steal food? Coby is paying to have the car washed this weekend. 

Looks like napping in my comfy bed is out of the question. We'll see if I can get any sleep, napping on the couch. Maybe my physical presence will deter thievery and fighting. Hah! A pipe dream.  

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Silly Boys

After a discussion about double dipping -

C: Kai's triple dibble dipping

K: Do you know why I think my mouth is a lawn mower? Because I hold the world record for eating an apple for a minute!

After putting away his cheetah costume-
C: I'm a cheetah whose fur has been ripped off of him. It's now detachable!

At dinner, Liam sang to himself "I love beef and chicken"

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Two bugs on a bug

Silly Boys

K: Everyone frowns, even when they are snorkeling.

After taking a bite of a Sweet Breakfast Wrap -
K: Cow nuts! This is good
M: Try a different exclamation!
K: Chiming chungas!
M: Excellent!

Liam shared Jeepy the dog with DJ. I love this seriously silly face DJ is making.

Out of the blue -
C: Moma, Getting no one up in a panel house is very rare.
C: How do they get ice dry not wet?

While pouring a bowl of Cheerios, Kai sang this to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star -
Cheerios, Cheerios, I love you
You have honey, that is true
You lower cholesterol, and make me feel good
He said another line, but I can't remember it
Cheerios, Cheerios, I love you
I love eating you with different things.

At Singing Time, Kai chose If your Happy and You know it. He requested that we clap our hand and quack like a duck. He does the best duck imitation.

Getting ready to eat dinner -
C: It's a two headed Pizza.
More exclamations:
K: Great Gizzards!
K: Mimicks!

Kai loves to ride a bike, any bike even if he is too big.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Christmas in July

My Mom, Teri and Lauren came up to visit with us for the weekend. They brought Christmas with them. The boys were thrilled.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Recently, we've been having trouble controlling the temperature of our fridge, which lead to a batch of frozen eggs. It's difficult to make a delicious birthday quiche when the eggs are soild.

Fortunately, we have great neighbors who are willing to share. So we were able to complete our quiche. Yum!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Silly Sweetie

Michelle mentioned the gas cans in her last post. I decided that this story needed to be told sooner rather than later.

When I was in college, I was running a little late for a final. I was almost out of gas, but I only lived a mile and a half from campus. I though, "Surely I have enough to get to my final without stopping to buy gas." Surely I was wrong! I was a block from campus when my engine started sputtering. I pulled into an apartment parking lot just as it died completely. I didn't have a resident permit, but my final started in 15 minutes and I had just enough time to run there. When I got into the building where my final was, I called Michelle at work, explaining the situation and asking her to meet me at my car with some gas when my final ended. I also told her the location of an auto parts store where she could get a gas can. On the map below, I lived at point a, was going to point c, and ran out of gas at point b.

View Larger Map

I took my final and went back to the parking lot. My car hadn't been towed, so I just needed to hang out and wait for Michelle. A few minutes later she arrived, with two 5 gallon gas cans. I pointed out that one of those cans would be a half of a tank, so two might be overkill. She explained, "The display at the store said 2 for $5, so I thought I had better get both." I explained that 2 for $5 was the same as $2.50 apiece. That thought had never occurred to her! To this day, whenever she buys waaay too much of something, we call it a "gas can" moment.

Silly Family

We try to avoid the usual exclamations - OMH/G, Fetch!, Crap, Holy ____ etc. . .  The boys have come up with some interesting alternatives:
Cheese and Crackers
Chicken and stars

At nap time, Liam doesn't want to take a nap, but he changes out of his clothes into his jammies.

The boys opened the door for me -
C: Ladies first.
K: I know why ladies go first.
M: Why?
K: Because they do all the work. They pump milk, do the laundry, wash dishes, and make dinner. So they need a break. Dads just go to work.
Jake is feeling real appreciated. 

At Singing Time, Coby asked if we could sing The Itsy Bitsy Spider fancy. It turns out that fancy means a British accent. Everyone willingly obliged and the "song" became a dramatic recitation. Wish that I had a video.

Kai was asked what animal he wanted to say Good Day, he said "Minnie Mouse" I was briefly at a lost at how to do that, then we decided to just "Squeak, squeak".

In a kid's meal, the boys got a CD of Totally 80's karaoke music. Woo hoo! Kai went all Napoleon Dynamite to Somebody's Watching Me. It was awesome.

This week I had a couple of silly moments -
Jake asked me to buy a clothesline to tie down the cover of his smoker.  To remind me he wrote it on the shopping list, he made a notation next to it.
Now that I look at I can clearly see that it says 20 ft, but I thought it said soft, so when I saw a bundle of clothesline at the store I grabbed it and didn't give it a second thought. Jake asked me if the store didn't have a shorter clothesline. Apparently, I bought 100 ft. Whoops! Which reminds me of my moment with the Gas Cans, but that's another story.

I give you the following conversation as a lead up to my frame of mind for the junior high moment I had.
Walking home with a friend's little boy, he struck up a conversation with me -
A: My mommy doesn't have a penis.
M: That's right. She's a girl.
A: I have a penis.
M: That's right. You're a boy.
There's a pause like he is considering something
A:  You're a girl. You don't have a penis.
M: You're right.
A: My brother, T, is a boy. He has a penis.
A little later at my house, Kai and T were discussing the solar system. T mentioned Uranus. I busted up laughing. Real mature, Michelle. Either pronunciation (urine us, your anus) would have done me in.

Maybe I just need more sleep.

Monday, July 5, 2010

My Birthday

was relaxing and delicious.

  • Slept in to the glorious hour of 8:30. 
  • Watched Fireworks on TiVo.
  • Hung out doing a whole lot of nothing. 
  • German pancakes for breakfast. 
  • Celebrated PT Barnum's birthday by eating circus foods for lunch: hot dogs then popcorn (Crunch n Munch from individual popcorn bags). 
  • BBQ ribs + collard greens + baked beans = a finger licking delicious dinner.
A fabulous day!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Silly Boys

After playing Crazy Eights together, Kai started playing a new game
M: What are you playing, Kai?
K: Soltier.
M: Oh, Solitaire.
K: Yeah, Soltier!
He lays a card on one of four piles - hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades
K: Do you know what it's good for? Sorting the cards by shape and color.
It kept him occupied for 15 minutes. At some point, I should show him how to play Solitaire. 

After taking a shower -
K: I know a secret to taking a quick bath
J: What?
K: I scrub my hair with the loofa then I scrub my body for the first wash, then I do it all over again with soap.
M: Oh, so you have a a pre wash and a wash cycle.
K: Yup!

During lunch, a new business venture was created and shot down-
K: Coby, have you tried dipping your potato chip on the apple sauce?
C: No . . . Mmm, Yum! We should make these and sell them.
K: Coby, people will think it's disgusting. We're the only ones who will like it and buy it.
Mommy. would you eat apple sauce on a potato chip?
M: No.
K: See, Coby.

Not to be dissuaded from his idea.
C: Moma, do we have any jars?
M: How are you going to use them?
C: I'll dip the chips then put them in the jars.
M: Let's do an experiment. We'll take this potato chip, dip it, then leave it in a bowl. We'll see what happens to it. K?
We never got to do our experiment. Chaos ensued as Liam dumped a cup of fizzy water on Coby's lunch.

Where's the flood?

Coming in from the playground -
C: Moma, there's a tornado outside. Well, a gust of wind. I love it!
K: I wish the weather channel was working on the Wii, so I would know what the weather is outside.

Kai is invited to play at Ryan's house after lunch. In a rush to go, the boys make their own lunch -
C: Moma, I ate a piece of bread with jam on it and that's it, because that's all my tummy wanted.
K: Mommy, you know the round part of the end of the bread?I toasted it, but a part of it broke off so I put jelly on it and put the halves together.

They rush off to Ryan's house, but Ryan and his family haven't finished lunch so Kai and Coby return to the playground to anxiously await 12:30
C: Moma, I'm hungry.
M: You had "lunch", a piece of bread with jam on it. That's it all your tummy wanted, remember?
C: But Kai didn't cook it right.

On the way to a family reunion, for about 10 minutes Kai was singing the praises of some interesting non-existent features of the Iphone-
J: Have you ever used an I-Phone?
K: The zoo has some baby elephants.
Whoa, Kai! Way to strip the gears of that conversation.