Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cleaning II - Chores for the Boys

This post is in response to a question on Do you remember this post on cleaning?

After 7 months, the system is still working. I am in shock! It was a bit rocky at first, but after 2 months we got into the groove of things. Now, it's just part of our daily routine. Of course, there are still occasionally complaints about being worked too hard (before they've even started or when I have them actually remove the dirt instead of just wiping over it), but it is a vast improvement to our previous method. I tweaked the system it a little.

Doorknobs and lights switches & plugs were being cleaned super fast. I combined them and added the floors. Kai is thrilled to be able to use the vacuum. Coby would love to but it's just a little to unwieldy for him to use. When it's his turn he sweeps or picks up bits from the carpet.

I color coded the chore slips so monthly, weekly, and bathroom chores were evenly distributed.

The boys wanted to do the "faster" chores all the time, so some things were put off until the last week of the month. I came up with a schedule. Monthly - MWF, Weekly - TTh and bathrooms on Saturdays.

Our most recent chart, which I keep posted in a sheet protector in a central location. 

Due to Kai's baptism and birthday party, we didn't hold our weekly family counsel so the boys were unable to choose their chores for the month. Until a new chart was printed up, I just asked them to put away the dishes from the dishwasher, take out the trash, or spot cleaning around the house. During this time, they began notice what things needed to be done around the house and asked to do it. The cleaning we've been doing together laid a foundation for them to do it on their own, which was the whole point. Woo hoo! 

Did I mention that if the boys finish their monthly chores before the end of the month, they don't have to clean on Tuesdays or Thursdays? An incentive to pick up the pace when they're cleaning. 

Liam loves to grab a "fiburr tawool" to pitch in and help.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Silly Boys Week of 9/13/10

C: Mommy, on my spelling test there is a note. It says "Coby was eating paper. I do not think that is funny."
M: I lean around my computer to look at him.
C: Mommy, I'm sorry I ate my spelling test.


I hate my hair right now.  I'm experiencing post partum shedding, and I lack any style. 
See even Liam thinks I look funny

Before the bangs, every time I pulled it back into a pony tail I looked old. With it loose I looked fine, but it was always in the way or just too hot. My hope was that adding bangs would reverse the clock. And it did . . . to high school. Ugh. I don't know what to do with it!!

My previous hair lady would know what to do. She could fix it. She is fantastic. She knew exactly what looked best on me. I was never disappointed with a style she chose for me because
  1. It looked great.
  2. It was easy to duplicate.
  3. It was low maintenance, if I wanted to wash and go I could. 
Since we moved five years ago, I haven't been able to find someone like her. Maybe if I win this giveaway from Sweet Basil, I can finally have a great style again. And just maybe find my hair lady replacement who I can trust just as much as Carrian trusts her stylist, Morgan.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Throwing rocks

is a dangerous past time. 
Coby asked me: Am I gonna die?

Here it is all cleaned up:

Poor Coby!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Silly Boys - Week of 9/6/10

To be honest, I was too busy to keep track of the silliness that abounded.   

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Silly Boys Week of 8/29/10

C: S almost pushed me into the river. I could have cracked my head & died or lost all of my technology.