Monday, November 29, 2010

Album Fundraiser

My friend, Lisa Frost, has written an album. WOO HOO! Inspirational, faith-based, neo-soul-jazz-gospel fusion with the objective to spread positivity and the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music. Her music is unique, uplifting, empowering. It was not written to speak to only those of her faith,... but to those of all faiths and those seeking faith.

She needs to raise money to make this happen. Her friend is hosting a Scentsy Fundraiser! Scentsy has some beautiful holiday warmers and delicious holiday scented candle bars that would make wonderful Christmas gifts, as well as all of their fabulous year-round products. 

Now thru Friday, December 10, all commission made from this Scentsy fundraiser will go toward production/recording of Lisa's music! Go to to place an order under "Lisa Frost Fundraiser". 

I love the scents that I have. I just need a fancy warmer. This is just the opportunity I've been looking for to buy one for myself.  Please help my friend if you can. I can't wait til her album is out. It's going to be fantastic!!

A sidenote: 
I asked Kai "If you have to choose between a Scentsy Buddy or a new Wii Game, what would you pick?" Immediately, he said "Lenny the Lamb with Vanilla Creme" Liam wants Mollie the Monkey. Coby is going for the Wii game. But if forced to choose he'd get the Lion

Thursday, November 11, 2010

King Coby

Pharaoh of the Gateway Village

His cobra spits fire so he can too!
Look at his uvula and his fangs

In school,  this week he is learning about Egypt.

Friday, November 5, 2010

White Collared Criminal

Got a call from the school 
Kai gave this check to the lunch lady

Lunch Lady: Why did you write it for $500?
K: Because that's what it looks like. 

Originally, it was made out to the PTA for $5. 
Crafty little devil, isn't he?