Monday, December 20, 2010

Quoting the boys

Standing on the window sill watching the garbage truck-
L: Thank you garbage truck for taking the trash!

Eating snacks-
C: Kai, I can see your uvula!

Sitting on the couch-
L: Snuggle, just da me!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Long Day

  • 3 hours of church (time well spent)
  • Within minutes of getting home the yelling and back talking commenced. 
  • Within the first hour home all four boys were crying ALL AT ONCE!
  • Another hour dealing with tears, fighting, and the aftermath of a gingersnap baking session, while Jake delivered goodies to the families on his route. Yum!
  • Lunch preparations,  finally got started around 2:00, but nothing would be out of the oven until 3:05
Ham Florentine Wreath by Pampered Chef
photo courtesy of
  • My back went out and I couldn't bend over. D'oh! 
  • Jake and the boys went to tithing settlement. (3:00)
  • I parked myself on the couch to feed DJ. I had no intention of moving from that spot until I absolutely had to. It hurt way too much to sit down or stand up. . . oh, and the boys ate a doughy lunch, whoops! (3:30) 
  • Home teachers came by. Liam brought down his favorite stuffed animals to share. (3:45)
  • Jake and I finally eat. (4:10)
  • Visiting Teachers came by. Liam talked and head bobbled while DJ babbled. (4:15)
  • Liam finally went down for a nap. Only 4 1/2 hours late. (4:45)
  • I started cutting out some letters to appliqué on a quilt, even though it's likely that I'll not finish the quilt on time. Stupid back! But at least I don't have a cracked rib like my friend. 
  • The afternoon improved as we watched A Christmas Story, and enjoyed some of those fantastic gingersnap cookies. The boys liked them with white frosting on top. I have to agree, but only a very thin layer. 
  • We also watched Jeopardy. The boys did really well on two categories: Colorful Foods & Comic Book Villains.  We grow foodies and nerds/geeks in this here house. 
  • DJ did not want to go down for the evening, despite all the eye rubbing and yawning he was doing. He just wanted snarf down some food then veg in front of the TV. What a potato!
So glad this day is over, now if I could only go to sleep.
Maybe DJ will let me sleep in tomorrow. If only!

Friday, December 10, 2010

6 months

I can't believe how the time has flown. DJ is now 6 months old.
He is a delight to have in our family. The boys adore him. He is frequently bombarded with hugs and kisses from his brothers. Coby is grateful for his cuteness.
He is a happy baby. He loves tickles.
He sleeps through the night. I love that he sleeps with his legs tucked into his chest.
He loves to snuggle with blankies.
I love when I pick him up he grabs me tight and snuggles into the crook of my neck.
I call him my "Snuggy Bug" and "Lovey Dove"
He goes through two cans of formula a week.
He has exczema. All over his arms, legs and face. :(

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Liam's new favorite blankie:

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Here is a video you have to see if  folding fitted sheets compactly escapes you:

Ooh, check out this one for quick folding shirts. It's like magic. ;)

Sunday, December 5, 2010


While busily building a leprechaun trap Coby asks:

C: Are leprechauns skinny or fat?
J: They're fat because they have so much gold 
that they eat lots of rich foods.

C: Oh Daddy you're kidding!
J; I don't know, I've never seen a skinny one.
C: Well, you've never seen any leprechauns.

Wait, shouldn't he be building a trap for one of these?

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Cheese Touch

Since reading and watching 
Kai and Coby have been passing the cheese touch between themselves. In the last transfer to Coby it morphed into what I like to call "Cheesy Fingers". It gives him the ability to become the unseen 2nd grader called Brett,  who takes cheese from the sandwiches of unsuspecting victims.

Friday, December 3, 2010


The boys are absolutely obsessed with watching TV.

Even the 6 month old. An attempt to multi-task by writing a quick blog post while feeding DJ was met with resistance. He wanted his bottle and the TV too. He struggled and fussed until he positioned himself in just the right angle so he could watch Umizoomi and eat. However this new position made it impossible to write. I abandoned all hope of writing, and read instead. Multi-tasking prevailed!! Woo hoo!

In the past, this fixation had been so overwhelming that it interrupted the boys sleep. They woke up in the middle of the night to watch TV or play the Wii. Playing from 1-7, then continuing with their day made for very two cranky boys.

We installed an alarm, that we set before going to bed, which went off any time someone went down the stairs. We are awesome!! Finally, they were able to get rest, and a modicum of peace was restored.

You know? The family I met at Thanksgiving Dinner may have the right idea of just abandoning the electronic babysitter altogether. There'd be a mutiny if I tried.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


You know you've neglected to clean the porcelain throne, when your two year old will not deign to pee in it's filth.

L: It's yucky, Mommy! Clean it! Peez.
M: OK.
I clean it up
L: Tank you, Mommy! Now, I can pee.

Another thing I've neglected the blog. Sorry! Who knew raising four boys was so time consuming?