Saturday, September 24, 2011

Art Work

Kai and Coby love to do crafts. They love to color and cut out inventions. I love their creativity and the stories behind each creation. But . . .

I find "creations" all over the house like:

  • a paper gun, no bigger than a quarter, used to shoot a shark
  • a paper sword, the size of a dollar, for killing a monstrous dragon
  • fortune tellers
  • paper airplanes
So when they are floating around free, it seems more like clutter to me.

We used to have a white board for them to draw on and as a place to put their art work on it, but it broke. We put some of it on the fridge, along with their school work, but there is just not enough room for all of it.
Some of masterpieces end up on the walls of the closet.

I've started scanning their school work, which I add to the boys blog. I take the text of the blog and the images and create a journal collage for the day. This has helped decrease the clutter somewhat, at least as far as their school work. But I just don't know what to do with all the other works of art.

Any suggestions?