Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Costumes

Ok, I'm pretty pleased with myself. These turned out great. I didn't use a store bought pattern but cut out the fabric following the outline of items of clothing we already had like: Pajama pants, church vest, & cloak. 

I repurposed items or used materials from my fabric & notions stash. A large portion gifted by Brekke, a few months back. Kai's costume would not have been possible without that contribution to my hobby. Thank you, again! 

I bought the shirts but I'm not even going to count them towards the cost of the costumes since they are every day wear items. My only real purchase: twill tape for the strap of Kai's "money bag". 

FYI: To dress up at the boys' school, first they write a book report. Then they can dress up as any character from the book list.  Many discussions later characters were finally decided. 

Kai read the Hobbit and decided to be Bilbo Baggins. 

The front of the vest is made from a pair of Jake's worn out khaki pants.

Look at these Hobbity Feet. They went over Kai's shoes.
socks, food coloring, sharpie, fabric glue and furry fleece trimmings. 
Coby read The Mouse and the Motorcyle. He wanted to be a mouse but I did not want to try to make a mouse costume and did not have the materials. Then he wanted to be a Jedi, which cannot be found in Classical literature. I suggested a samurai, sorta like a Japanese Jedi. Right? Fortunately, there was a book about a samurai on the list and I had copious amounts of fabric from a failed Daler Mendhi (the 3rd to appear) costume for Jake a few years ago. 

Coby loves his Tabi, split toe socks. 

The boys are so excited with their costumes. 
 Kai's only complaint: having to wear short pants. Too cold.

Liam is Batman. I love super hero jammies for Halloween costumes. 

DJ will be dressed as Beorn in bear form.

This is Kai's costume from 2003, when we went as a Little Girl and her Teddy Bear.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Neumont in the News

Faculty Bio

Here are a couple of articles about Neumont University, 
where Jake works as an Instructor and Faculty Lead.