Monday, September 24, 2012

Wetting the bed

On Monday, while I was on the phone, wishing my mom a Happy Belated Birthday, I heard the water turning on and off. I walked out to investigate and found Liam walking out of Coby's room with the toothbrush cup. He jumped when he saw me.

M: Liam, what are you doing?
L: I'm getting some water.
M: Ew! We do not drink water out of the toothbrush cup. Gross! Why were you coming out of Coby's room?
L: I was dumping water on him.
M: What!?

And there was Coby on his bed, in a puddle of water, asleep. I had to drag the boy out of bed. He was dripping wet. I told him to change his clothes, but he just sat on the stairs in a daze, not quite comprehending what happened. I finally got him into some dry clothes, then had a good laugh with my family.

He spent the night on the floor and has every night since then, even though the mattress is dry. This morning, I asked him to make his bed. He refused because "it stinks, and it'll make my linens stink". Dealing with other things, I told him "Whatever, just make the bed. Everything needs to be washed anyway."

I finally had a chance to smell his bed, and it was FOUL, yucky, disgusting!! Poor guy! Once I took the sheet off, it stunk up the room. Now, the mattress is out on my front porch airing out.

So neighbors, although it may seems like one of  my boys "wet the bed," he didn't. Well not the way you think.

Monday, September 17, 2012


I have to admit that sometimes, it is not our children who are having a problem with reverence during sacrament meeting. It's us.

A few Sundays ago, during sacrament meeting DJ and I were flipping through  pictures of Christ's life. Suddenly, the Old Spice Song rang out.

There was a general chuckle from the congregation. Then I looked down and saw the picture we were on and had to show Jake.

 He could barely contain his mirth and quietly declared "You are awful!" I just looked at him with wide eyed innocence, then had to contain my amusement. Seriously, not my fault. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012


While driving around, I have the privilege of enjoying the musical stylings of Doodle Funk. Most of the time, he covers the songs from singing time or the primary program, with his own twists.

Here's a one line mash up of Rise and Shine/Oh, Noah and Nephi's Courage

Oh Nephi, Oh Nephi, he built him a shippy, shippy.
    L: Mommy, why did Nephi have to build a ship.
    K: Cuz, his brothers were mocking him
    M: To get to the Promised land.

Sometimes I get to help, like with the little cabin in the wood

    There was a bunny in the wood
    Looking for some food.
    The hunter told he had some food,
    if he came to him. The bunny ran away.
- Mommy it's your turn
   "Hep me, hep me" the bunny said
    Or the hunter will shoot me dead
    Come little bunny, Come with me
    Happy we will be.

Sometimes he is inspired by what's going on around him

Driving through a dead skunk smell:  
    Skunk's in the graveyard pee-u
    Somebody killed it, that's you.
   I farted, I tooted, I got electrocuted.
- Why are boys so fascinated with such things? I can thank his brothers for teaching him that little gem.

I need to record him, it's so much more entertaining to listen to him.

I hope he doesn't try his twists when it's primary program time. But if the past is any indication, he will.  Coby has played an air guitar while singing. Kai blew raspberries into the microphone after his part. Some people have said they enjoy watching us watch our boys because our expressions are priceless. Wouldn't want to disappoint, now would we.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Liam's New Name

Whenever Liam meets someone new, he'll ask them their name. When they ask his name, he responds, "My name is Doodle Funk!" Then they look at me "Yup, he likes to be called Doodle Funk"

Friday, September 14, 2012

Wind in the Willows

Coby and his classmates performed a piece from the Wind in the Willows. 
He is wearing the bowler hat