Thursday, November 29, 2012

I love Little People

from Fischer Price. I'm sure you all knew that.

Disney People
There is also Cinderella and the Prince, 
but the rest of the Princesses are Princeless :(
Hmm. . .Snow gets to have 7 companions

DC Super People

Love it!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Malt O Meal Head

This is what happens when I leave my child alone with a bowl of Malt O Meal.

What did he do, stick his head in the bowl?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Little Biker Dudes

Liam and DJ raided the costume closet. Liam ran down stairs and excitedly told me:

L: Mom, this jacket is a 4T. I'm 4. And DJ's jacket is a 2T, and he's 2. These are perfect for us! Where's Kai and Coby's jackets?

M: You're wearing them. These used to be theirs when they were your age.

L: Oh, I'm glad they're ours now.

Gettin' ready to ride

Owning the road

They wouldn't leave the house without donning their jackets. And they didn't come off when we went to story time at the library. 

While looking for books in a dark corner, another little boy started crying and Liam stood there clutching a book with a look on his face that said "I'd like to see you try and take this book". So rebellious! ;)

All that ridin' wore him out

Election Day

Junior Dems
The boys voted in their classes
I asked who they voted for and why

K: Obama.
    Because he is already President and knows what to do.

C: Romney. Actually, I marked Romney, but I meant to vote for Obama. I thought I was supposed to mark out the one I didn't want.
     Because he cares about the country and the nation, and he's fair.

Jake went first thing this morning to vote. He waited for over an hour. I would have gone immediately after dinner, however there was projectile vomit to clean up. I didn't leave the house til 7:35 p.m., but I was back home by 7:50.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ten Years of Halloween with kids

Farm Girl & Prize Winning Pig

Little Girl & her Teddy bear
 This was the first piece of clothing from a pattern that I had ever completed. A few people asked if I was Dorothy or Little Bo Peep, which made me realize that I can reuse this dress for different characters.

 Three Ducks and Clifford, the big red dog.
Coby won Best Baby Costume at our Ward party.

Batman & Robin with Poison Ivy
Jake was supposed to be Scarecrow

Kai as a Cat  with his Joy School Friends
I honestly can't remember what Coby was or if I even dressed up.

Kai: Wizard & Coby: Cat
I guess I was a girl again. Oh, right! I was Shell Bell
A Witch with three Cats


Percy Jackson theme
We'll pretend Jake was Poseidon

I was going to use my green dress to go as an elf, but time got away from me.

Mr. Popper's Penguins, The Spider & Little Miss Muffett, and Shaggy & Creepy Eye Portrait