Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter traditions

We started our conversation cards. the first question is
"What are our Easter traditions?"
I changed the question when I asked them

Do we have any Easter traditions? What are they?

L: We make Easter cards.

C: We go on an Easter egg hunt in our house.
Easter 2012

K:  We have an Easter basket with our big prize in it. 
Nerf darts were part of the basket

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter Prep

Easter Week

I printed these babies out for the boys lunches. They love the notes they get. Kai has a bunch that he has saved. Liam and DJ handed some out to their friends, employees that we always stop and say hello to, at Wal-mart and the library.

It's Written On the Wall

I asked the boys if they know why we celebrate Easter.
Unfortunately, it's all about the Bunny.
We need to work on that so I thought I'd use this to help us along.

Chocolate on my Cramium

Since the boys enjoyed the St. Patrick's Day Conversation Starter Cards, I found some but wanted more Easter related topic/questions, so I made these:

So that's what we're doing  to prepare for Easter.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Dinner Conversation

To steer our conversations away from TV/movies and video games, we have a Let's Talk Bucket filled with little slips of papers asking questions. Most nights, we talk about our day and Liam or DJ asks us "What is your highlight?"

Tonight, Coby took the initiative to ask his own question: What would you be when you grow up, DJ?

D:  A Coby!
L: A guy who has a gun that shoots robbers.
K: So a police officer. 
C: I want to be a few things! An army commander, technician, or an architect.
L: I want to be an architect.
M: What does an architect do?
L: He makes it so people can build things
K: I want to be a scientist.
L: I want to be a scientist.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day

The Leprechaun stopped by this morning.  
He left these goodies for or boys 1-3

The Zots are Kai's favorite. Liam hated it. 
I've never had one before. It packs a fizzy punch
Liam also didn't like the Jolly Rancher or the Sour Airhead. That's ok, Coby and I enjoyed them.

and for the Deej

 It didn't look like the Leprechaun had been up to any mischief making. Getting ready for breakfast (Green Eggs and Ham), we discovered that the milk changed from white to green when poured into their cups. And our bread was green. 
Tricky little Leprechaun!

At lunch and dinner (Corned Beef), we used these conversation cards from Happy Home Fairy. Here a few we did

K: shoes like Dorothy, because they teleport, but mine would be boots

C: "Anything I want" shoes. They would be any shoes I want to wear and let me have any power I want.

M: My black heeled sandals, they would change color to match my outfit.

Coby used ROYGBIV to name the colors.
C: Green
L: Green
K: Blue
J: Burgundy
M: Orange

L: Black hair and naked

K: Black shoes, green jeans, a vest, lightish green skin, a hat that fills with gold when held out, darkish brownish hair, a magical pocuh that always has gold in it, and a book on magic.

C: Black polish shoes, gold buckle, green tux with a vest, orange hair and beard.
M: Oh, so he's ginger. 
J: Of course, he's Irish
M: Unless he's Black Irish.
C: No, he's white. 
overlapping chatter as I try to explain black hair like Liam's leprechaun, not skin tone. 

K: I would save some of it and spend some.
L: I would put it in our "Team Treasure Chest"
C: I would give it all away.
M: I'd pay tithing, save some, give some away, and spend some. 
J: I'd spend it. To buy a house.

Liam saw this photo on Jake's phone
L: That's a leopard-chaun
J: If we get a leopard, I'm gonna name him Khan!! So we'll have a leopard-Khan ;)

Ever the nerd!

Hope your St. Patrick's Day was as wonderful as ours.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Liam's 5th Birthday Interview