Monday, August 19, 2013

How was school?

M: How was school today?
L: It was great
M: What did you learn today?
L: I don't know
M: Did you met anybody new?
L: I don't remember. Well, there was a boy named Teancum. I hope he doesn't drink tea.
M: With a name like that, that's unlikely

Hold up on finger - you have to go to the potty
hold up two fingers crossed - I really have to go to the bathroom

If you get a really high number, you can spin a wheel. Then you can get a movie or snacks.

At recess, I saw Kai. And I swung on the monkey bars then dropped down.
He has never gone across the monkey bars by himself before.

My job is to take care of the guinea pig. I don't even care that I have to clean up his poop
I'm learning Lah-un, I mean Latin. It's a dead language, that only those crazy people in that one country in Italy speaks.

I received a HERO card because I was the only one who stayed behind to clean up the lunch table
I learned the word scyphoscopic - photos with brown and white colors
My flash drive is going to be my life.
I got my birthday treat early from Ms. Perkins, my music teacher.
Ms. Larsen allows use to check out books from her library, and bring them home.

J: What did you today while your brothers were gone?
D: I played with Ele-fun, and chased the butterflies

He quietly played with his dinosaurs too.